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General Hospital 55th Anniversary

General Hospital 55th Anniversary

General Hospital 55th Anniversary

A full-sized, must-have special bookazine for every General Hospital fan! Rare photos, your favorite stars' most treasured memories, and more, all to celebrate General Hospital's 55th anniversary.

United States
Heinrich Bauer Publishing, L. P.
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general hospital 55th anniversary

Editor-In-Chief Dawn Owens Executive Editor Richard M. Simms Managing Editor Charlie Mason Senior News Editor Michelle Moro Parkerton News Editors Kelli M. Larson • Deanna Barnert Associate Editors Curtis Harding • Colleen Humes Art Director Todd A. Slater Assistant Art Director Mark Iacolina Designer Cheryl Picinic C.E.O., President Steven Kotok Chief Financial Officer Petra Gasser Executive Vice President Consumer Revenue • Brian Beaudry Senior Vice Presidents Gina Kelly • Production Dennis Cohen • Subscriptions, Licensing Richard Calkins • Customer Relations Vice President Lisa MacDonald • Retail Sales & Marketing Director Of Production Lenny Khimishman Group Production Manager Kevin Fee…

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welcome to port charles!

On April 1, 1963, those were the first words spoken on GENERAL HOSPITAL, only the second soap opera ever to air on ABC. The line was delivered by Emily McLaughlin as Jessie Brewer, a nurse upset to discover that disfigured patient Angie Costello once more had covered the mirror in her room and drawn the blinds. Ironic, isn’t it? In the same moment that poor Angie was trying to shut everyone out, the show was opening to us a window to a whole new world, one that, in the decades to come, would introduce us to handsome heroes and seductive villains, admirable good girls and irresistible vixens. And oh, the stories that would be told by the longest-running current serial in the United States! In this 55th-anniversary collector’s special, we’re going to…

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it takes two

Steve & Audrey Only long, longtime GH viewers remember that the Hardys, while in their later years the portrait of stability, initially had a relationship that was as tumultuous as, say, Sonny and Carly Corinthos’. At first, Audrey had a bad habit of marrying men who weren’t Steve and hatching plots that were all but guaranteed to backfire on her. And Steve, while as stand-up a guy as ever walked the halls of General Hospital, hung in the closet next to his lab coat a skeleton the size of surprise son Jeff Webber. “You’re not much for small talk, and when it comes to expressing your feelings, you need a little help. But overall, you’re a definite catch.”—Sam, looking past Jason’s Stone Cold demeanor Duke & Anna From their first dance at the Policeman’s…

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the 1960s

“Audrey, you make me feel like I’m missing out on something. I’ve never met anyone like you before.”—Steve, clearly coming down with a serious, um, heart condition Though Nurse Jessie Brewer tried to keep her chin up at the hospital, everyone on the seventh floor knew that her doctor-husband, Phil, was a philandering louse. When at last she filed for divorce, viewers heaved a sigh of relief… until, that is, he attempted to win her back by — wait, what?!? — raping her. Early on, Dr. Steve Hardy lost fiancée Peggy Mercer when she realized that he was already married — to his job. But the break-up was for the best, really: He would soon meet his true love, Nurse Lucille March’s kid sister, Audrey. “I bet behind that stern exterior and…

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q&a maurice benard sonny

How did you feel about coming to GH after playing Nico on ALL MY CHILDREN? At that time, I didn’t want to come back [to daytime]. I hadn’t given it enough time out in L.A. For me to do GH, I felt kind of like a failure. On the other hand, I was grateful that I could work, so I had two things going. I had a long meeting with Wendy Riche and Shelley Curtis (then-GH executives). They gave me two different characters to choose from: Damian and Sonny. Damian was a two-year contract, and Sonny was for six months. I said, “I’d like to do six months.” And I just liked that name, Sonny. It just felt so right. I was so happy. And I’m still so happy that I…

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you’ve got male

Nikolas Admit it — when you look at this picture, it isn’t Nikolas’ pajamas that make you think of slipping between the sheets with the dark prince, it’s those smoldering bedroom eyes. And the hope that he’d bring you a cup of coffee in the morning. Mac In 1993, all Mac had to do to ensure that his chest was treasured was decide that it was too much trouble to button his shirt. “I won’t touch you… unless you want me to. But Laura, you have to say the words. I love you, I love you… I want to hold you in my arms. Please… ”—Luke, leaving Scotty’s wife weak-kneed in 1980 Stefan Little-known fact: Stefan didn’t stay so buff by raising and lowering Wynde-mere’s drawbridge, he did it by carrying a torch for Laura for…