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An exclusive approach to fashion, art, design, engineering and lifestyle. The latest Gran Turismos, the coolest Concept Cars and the timeless Classical Icons. Ladies & Gentlemen, get on board and start your engines!! Discover the art of driving. Bilingual: English & Spanish

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Sometimes things do not go the way we plan them. As the Mille Miglia this year. We were half way but we enjoyed every minute of it when we were in the race. They say that if you know how to enjoy the process, you will enjoy the result no matter if the result is positive or negative. And it’s true. It’s something I learned some years ago when I left home and I started working as a car designer abroad. It was a challenge, a new job, a new country, another culture, another language... Although confident of my chances, everything was unknown and had no idea if my bet would be good or not. Without overwhelm myself I decided the best was to enjoy every moment. To be honest,…

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by gtcult.com ZAGATO MASERATI MOSTRO The “Mostro” is Zagato’s special gift to Maserati for its 100 anniversary. Also this model pays homage to the 1957 450 S Coupe Zagato ‘Monster’. The italian coachbuilder only will produce 5. First one was unveiled at Villa d’Este. El “Mostro” es el especial regalo que Zagato ha creado para los 100 años de Maserati. También rinde tributo al famoso 450S Coupe Zagato “Monstruo” de 1957. Sólo se producirán 5 unidades, la 1era fue presentada en VdE. ALFA ROMEO GIULIA Sporty, with muscles but also sensual; this is the way the new saloon from Alfa Romeo is introduced, the Giulia. In its most agressive configuration will have a 3 liters V6 engine and 510 HP tuned by Ferrari. Is Alfa passion back? Deportivo, con músculo pero sensual, así es como se…

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ferrari testarossa

80s Supercar “In tune with its time, the Testarossa blends sophistication with awesome power. Beautiful, charismatic and exhilaratingly fast, it is the epitome of today’s supercar” “Supercars: Ferrari Testarossa” by Mark Hughes “A 300 kph living room. Formula One for the highway. Thouroughbred of the Ferrari stables. These are a few definitions which characterize the Testarossa, the top-of-the-line model at Maranello” “Ferrari Testarossa” by Paolo Murani (Automobilia) “But there’s more to a real Ferrari, and make no mistake, this red head is a real Ferrari. There are those years when Enzo Ferrari raced cars himself, worked with Alfa Romeo, and made them champions. Despite the comfort, into the Testarossa go all those years of tears, determination and victory. In short, it has a soul .....” “Ferrari Testarossa” by David Sparrow Ferrari already started in 1978…

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best drive 2014

2014 Best DRIVE 2014 Nominees The Ferrari F12 TRS is considered by our team Best DRIVE 2014/15 El Ferrari F12 TRS es considerado por nuestro equipo Best DRIVE 2014/15 Pagani Zonda Revolución 5 of 5 (Racing Car) The Zonda Revolucion is Pagani ’s greatest iteration of the Zonda supercar and will likely be the last. This last hurrah of greatness for the nameplate that dates back to 1999, the Revolucion is a hyper version of the already-hyper Zonda R. El Zonda Revolución es la mejor evolución del famoso modelo Zonda que Pagani presentó en 1999. El Revolución es una “hiper” versión del ya “hiper” deportivo Zonda R. Ferrari F12 TRS (One Off) Beside designing Ferrari production models, Ferrari Design department is busy creating one off models for their best clients. The F12 TRS is one of this…

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inside dtm

OV/dtm.com MERCEDES-AMG C63 DTM V8 4 liter Engine Power 360 kW (490PS) 482 HP @ 7500 rpm Torque 500 Nm Minimum Weight 1120 kg 0-100 km/h 3 s (aprox.) Top Speed over 300 km/h MERCEDES-BENZ DTM TEAM 2005-2006 Karting 2007 Fórmula máster júnior: Subcampeón Fórmula BMW ADAC: 23⍜ 2008 Fórmula BMW Europa: 4⍜ Fórmula BMW América: 12⍜ Fórmula BMW - Final mundial: 4⍜ 2009 Fórmula BMW Europa: Subcampeón 2010 Fórmula 3 Euroseries: 8⍜ GP3: 14⍜ 2011 Fórmula 3 Euroseries: 3⍜ Fórmula 3 GP Macao: Ganador Trofeo internacional de Fórmula 3 de la FIA: 3⍜ 2012 Fórmula 3 Euroseries: Campeón Fórmula 3 Masters: Ganador Campeonato europeo de Fórmula 3 de la FIA: Campeón 2013 DTM, RSC Mücke Motorsport: 16⍜ (21 puntos) 2014 DTM, Mücke Motorsport: 18⍜ (22 puntos) Fórmula 1, piloto de pruebas y reserva de Sahara Force India-Mercedes 2015 DTM, Mücke Motorsport // PETRONAS Mercedes-AMG: PETRONAS Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM Why does DTM attract an increasing number of followers? The answer is equality. Some years ago, the brands were immersed in…

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1000 miglia

This was my fourth 1000 Miglia as a driver and as always, it became one of those experiences that cannot be forgotten. I took part in the first three with a magnificent Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Pininfarina from 1948 and that was driving in its day by the Italian driver Goffredo Zehender. Count “Freddy” was broadly involved in the European car scene between the 20s and the end of the 50s. He was also a driver for Mercedes-Benz GP, Maserati and, of course, Alfa Romeo. He was never a leading driver; I would define him as a “gentleman driver” thanks to his condition as Count and a mercenary on track, because races then were remunerated. He was a regular at the Monaco GP, of Italian races and even took…