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Gentlemen Drive Issue 21

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An exclusive approach to fashion, art, design, engineering and lifestyle. The latest Gran Turismos, the coolest Concept Cars and the timeless Classical Icons. Ladies & Gentlemen, get on board and start your engines!! Discover the art of driving. Bilingual: English & Spanish

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As in all our editions of Gentlemen Drive Magazine, our aim here is to give you a special insight into the complex world of cars. From a personal, original, authentic viewpoint, steering clear of conventionality. We are not journalists and we don’t make a living from writing about cars; it’s just that we are passionate about them. That’s what makes us go the extra mile; it’s our motivation to do the crazy stuff we do, and it’s what ensures that Gentlemen Drive maintains its status as a cult magazine. However, communication is pointless if there is nobody at the other end of the line, and so we would like to thank all our readers, many of whom have been with us since the very first day. Our readers are our fuel;…

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drive news

BUGATTI CHIRON The world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car has a name; the Bugatti Chiron. 1500 HP, over 400 Km/h top speed and 2,4 million euros price tag are some of its numbers. El super deportivo más potente, más rápido, más lujoso y más exclusivo tiene nombre propio; el Bugatti Chiron. 1500 CV, velocidad máxima superior a 400Km/h y un precio de 2,4 millones de euros son alguno de sus números. FERRARI GTC4 LUSSO The new 2 + 2 Gran Turismo Ferrari is sophisticated and luxurious at the same time powerful and sporty. An interesting combination for the latest creation coming from Maranello, improving every aspect of the FF. El nuevo Gran Turismo 2+2 de Ferrari es sofisticado y lujoso a la par que potente y deportivo. Una…

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ford sierra rs cosworth

The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was born as a high-performance version of the Sierra, being a Ford Motorsport project to produce an outright rally car winner. Engine was developed by Cosworth and the result was a superb turbo charged engine with a road output of 204 hp and a race output with more than 300 hp. Around 5000 models were built as a requirement for participation to Group A, more than the sales forecast they had so to make its price very competitive they decided only to offer the car in 3 exterior colors (black, white and moonstone blue) and one interior colour (grey). The car was first presented to the public in Geneva Motorshow in March 1985 although production started a year later and production was ended in 1987. At the end…

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garage italia customs

I imagine that the purists among you are probably no great fans of auto customisation services. But, hey, things can change. Cheap tuning caused an awful lot of damage in this country, to the extent that it was parodied by one of comedian Buenafuente’s characters. In Germany, however, mods were higher end and tended to address features rather than looks. This is where AMG (acquired recently by Mercedes Benz), Ruf and ABT (an Audi satellite) made their mark, to mention just a few. The USA brought us whackiness in the form of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, popularising West Coast Customs and similar restylers. More recently, Mansory’s madcap customisations, which share the same kitsch DNA as Koenig’s famous 80s mods, although filtered through the decades, have been gaining a certain level of acceptance…

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classic cars/the spanish connection

This two automobiles will be auctioned by RM Sothebys in May. Seems like nothing linked them beside they were build in Italy by two of the most prestigious manufacturers; Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. Both are expensive collectible cars and both are looking for a new owner. But what it linked them is rather different. Guess what... THE SPANISH CONNECTION 1968 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider by Scaglietti This particular NART Spider, chassis 11057, was not only the final NART Spider (of the 10 ever produced) and the only European-delivery example, but also the third-from-last 275-series Ferrari constructed. Originally finished in Grigio Scuro (20-E-166) over a Nero (VM-8500) interior, this would be the only NART Spider to wear that colour combination. It was sold new through Concesionario Tayre of Madrid, Spain, to a Spanish…

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audi q7 e-tron “driving the efficency king”

Powerful 373CV (275 kW) Clean 48g/Km Endless Up to 1320 Km of Autonomy Discover why the new Audi Q7 e-tron quattro is the king of fuel efficiency, an authentic beast on and off road. Outstanding capacity and features. You can’t ignore it, and you will be amazed at what it can do. And it can do lot! Sitting behind the wheel of the new Audi Q7 e-tron quattro is a treat for the senses. The interior, in true Audi style, is absolutely stunning. It is by far the best in its class, combining wrap-around comfort with innovative technology. The quality of the materials is a pleasure to the touch and superior comfort makes any journey a treat. But that’s not where the enjoyment ends - the Q7 e-tron quattro’s powerful hybrid technology and enhanced aerodynamics…