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An exclusive approach to fashion, art, design, engineering and lifestyle. The latest Gran Turismos, the coolest Concept Cars and the timeless Classical Icons. Ladies & Gentlemen, get on board and start your engines!! Discover the art of driving. Bilingual: English & Spanish

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editorial - gentlemendrive 28

Dear readers, Once again, we hope to surprise you with a selection of events, photos, tests and stories related to our world: cars. Many will be asking what is going to happen with an industry that is threatened with imminent changes such as the electrification of the car pool or new economies and collaborative platforms that may backbone our automotive sector. Perhaps in a not too distant future, driving may not be a necessary condition for mobility and certainly future generations will not have this habit or need. I always like to draw from history to have more ingredients allowing me to appraise and analyse the future with a richer and broader vision. Well, a change of similar magnitude horse rode along between the 19th and 20th Century. Moreover, I say ‘horse…

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FERRARI PORTOFINO The Ferrari Portofino is the new V8 GT set to dominate its segment thanks to a perfect combination of outright performance and versatility in addition to a level of driving pleasure and on-board comfort unparalleled on the market. El Ferrari Portofino, el nuevo Gran Turismo V8 y 600CV de Maranello está destinado a dominar su segmento gracias a una combinación de prestaciones puras, versatilidad, diversión en su conducción y confort a bordo único. PAGANI ZONDA HP BARCHETTA Horacio removed the upper half of the windshield, giving as a result a minimum A pillar as well as a tiny windows, which gives it that resemblance to the Formula 1 barchettas Juan Manuel Fangio piloted in the fifties and sixties. Horacio quitó la mitad superior del parabrisas, dando como resultado barchettas inspirada en aquellas con…

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aston martin vanquish

Developed from the 1998 Project Vantage concept car, the V12 Vanquish entered production in 2001. The Vanquish marked a large step in the company’s engineering featuring a bonded aluminium chassis combined with many pieces of traditional craftsmanship ushering in a new era for Aston Martin. V12 Vanquish featured a body tub made from extruded aluminium and Carbon Fibre with extensive use of more Carbon Fibre and composite materials throughout the crash structure of the car. This extremely rigid and safe body-shell was then clothed in hand-finished, Superformed aluminium panels. Underneath the handmade bonnet sat a 460bhp version of the Aston Martin V12 engine, delivering its power via a 6-speed manual gearbox controlled by an electro-hydraulic paddle shift gear change. In 2002 the V12 Vanquish became the latest Aston Martin to be driven…

8 minuti
vanquish v12

I still remember when Aston Martin presented the “Project Vantage” in 1998. Back then Ian Callum was the head of design of the British brand, his pencil drawing the shapes of the DB7 it shares many traits with. But on that occasion, Callum also drew from the brand’s heritage and took his inspiration clearly from one of the icons of the Newport Pagnell factory: the DB4 Zagato. And the truth is he transferred all the dramatics and emotion from the Italian body shop into a prototype that became an immediate sensation. The “Project Vantage” furthermore set the basis for the 21st Century Aston Martin as those designed by Henrik Fisker and the more recent ones designed by Marek Reichman share the same DNA. The awesome combination of elegance and sportiness and good…

10 minuti
ferrari 70th anniversary

A couple of editions ago I told the awesome experience I lived during the 50th Ferrari anniversary. Well, 20 years on and just a few days ago I had the opportunity to experience, once again, something similar during the 70th anniversary. It was all a little improvised as I had not planned to attend, but the experience was not less relevant. From the start, the brand’s communication managers told us it would be a very restricted event and it would be almost impossible to accredit the media. In the end, only two journalists from the two largest newspapers in the country were invited; but finally, making possible the impossible, Gentlemen Drive was also present. A week before the event, when I had almost forgotten the matter, I received an invitation from the…

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3 three twenty eight

“THAT IS WHEN THE 328 WAS BORN. AN IMPROVED VERSION OF THE ICONIC 308”. That the Ferrari 308 is an icon not only of the Maranello brand but of automobile design is something everyone knows. And not only for its great aesthetics and sensual waist line that many compare to the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle, but because it was a TV star and a sensation on the roads worldwide. The paring Tom Selleck and Ferrari 308 in the Magnum PI tv series can be considered one of the most famous small screen couples, and an image that we all have engraved in our history and the collective imaginary. Gilles Villeneuve’s history and his eagerness to run behind the wheel on and off track are also well known. Good old Villeneuve,…