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welcome to the issue

MY AIRPORT ROUTINE looks positively basic compared to Naomi Campbell (see page 23), but one thing I’ve always loved about going on holiday is stocking up on magazines to see me through the plane journey, poolside lounging – and beyond. I hope this week’s bumper holiday issue of Grazia will give you just that. We’ve picked out the last-minute buys you’ll want to have in your holiday wardrobe forever and summer beauty products for under £20. And if you’re over summer, don’t miss our pick of the designer pieces for next season. We’re off on holiday ourselves for a week, so the next issue will be on sale 6 August. In the meantime, visit @hattie_brett /…

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over to you...

I thoroughly enjoyed the article by Dr Amy Blackstone, which really struck a chord with me as I feel I am constantly defending my choice of not having children. I am a teacher of over 10 years, volunteer environmentally at a local youth club and always look after younger family members. Her research is interesting as it raises the fact that there are more and more women making these choices. Sarah LESS IS MORE! Women who do it all are their own worst enemies (15 July) has really come at the right time for me. As a full-time headteacher and mother of two children and a dog, I’ve also taken on the role of cleaner, financial manager, diary organiser, taxi driver and travel agent and have goals to be ripped like Davina…

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letter of the week

THE CHOICE IS OURS Why I’m child-free not child-less (22 July) was very interesting. I’ve always wondered why women who choose not to be parents are often stigmatised as selfish and unfulfilled. It’s totally unfair. I have three children but my two sisters have chosen not to be parents. And I respect them for that. Children are lovely individuals but this in no way implies that being a parent is for everyone. Kids should be brought into the world if their parents really want them. Nobody has the right to say anything against their decision.…

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grazia view

“Sure, FaceApp is fun, but the real us is better” Chances are you spent last week gasping, screenshotting and sending your friends pictures of your face covered in wrinkles, with yellowing teeth, sporting a head of grey hair. That’s because we’ve all been obsessed with FaceApp’s ageing feature – even Prince George wasn’t spared (although the pictures doing the rounds only made him look 12 instead of six). The Grazia office was full of people cajoling, ‘Let’s see what you’ll look like!’ and there’s no doubt it’s fun – if a little unnerving. But instead of worrying about the wrinkles we’ll have in years to come, let’s FaceApp to the facts: it’s better to enjoy who we are today.…

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totes to4ts (too old for this sh **  ): the joy of not doing stuff

I WENT TO IBIZA for an article last week. If this sounds fab, it really wasn’t. I’m no fan of Europe’s premier floating poison pit. Ibiza: it’s like they took a lovely bit of Spain, turned it into my idea of hell, then kept making me go back for work. Seriously: clubs? In this day and age? And please don’t tell me: ‘But there are lovely bits of Ibiza!’ There are lovely bits of anywhere – no one should have to get on a plane and fly two-and-a-quarter hours to a foreign land in the hope you’ll maybe stumble over a part of it not yet spoiled by a cavernous sprawling techno club. I texted my editor from the airport on my way home. ‘I am never ever ever coming here…

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currently obsessed by...

QMS HYDRO FOAM MASK Especially good for sun-dehydrated skin, this. PHILIP PULLMAN’S ‘THE SECRET COMMONWEALTH’ I wouldn’t normally get excited about a book four months before it’s released; this is an exception. BUCKET HATS In my dreams, it’s Gucci. In reality, it won’t be. THIS GHOST DRESS I’ve got too many already, can’t get this one, too. (You could, though?) Muscle-FRONT VESTS Cut in on the front, as well as the back. They make bras complicated, but they’re worth it. This is & Other Stories.…