Great Scale Modeling 2017

Great Scale Modeling 2017

Great Scale Modeling 2017

The 100-page special issue showcases 170 of the best models from builders around the world for a truly one-of-a-kind "wish book." If you're looking for world-class inspiration, Great Scale Modeling 2017 is your go-to source! Featured models include aircraft, armor, ships, figures, dioramas, science fiction, and fantasy. Show coverage from IPMS (International Plastic Modelers' Society) Nationals, AMPS (Armor Modeling & Preservation Society) Convention, Wonderfest, the World Model Expo 2017, and more. A special collection of the late Dan Jayne's famous cutaway models. All new, never before published photos with detailed captions. And much more!

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ipms/usa national convention

3 min
decked out with decals

2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the International Plastic Modelers Society (UK). Wanting to celebrate the semicentennial with a fun, colorful, IPMS promotional build, I chose Airfix’s “Wallace & Gromit” Anti-Pesto van. While the two main characters remained on the sidelines, the Austin A35 would be gussied up with as many decals as I could get my hands on … or, at least, that was my original plan. The van was primed with Halfords white acrylic. What wasn’t masked off was given a few coats of gloss white acrylic car paint from an aerosol can and sanded smooth. Then came the decals — by the scale truck load. Aircraft, AFV, sci-fi, auto, ship — you name it, there was a decal from it. Friends gifted me extras and I…

6 min
amps 2017

Since 1993, the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society has celebrated armored vehicles and scale models of them — and every spring AMPS hosts an international convention and worldclass modeling competition. For the 2017 show, FineScale Modeler editors Mark Savage and Aaron Skinner traveled to Danbury, Conn., and had their choice of more than 600 models to photograph. Unfortunately, we don’t have room here for all 600 — only a few of our favorites. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you can join the fun for the 2018 convention, May 3-5, in Dayton, Ohio. Visit for details.…

2 min
junkers g 24, inside and out

When you love corrugated-skin aircraft, favor realism, and are a professional model maker and draftsman, it’s only natural to resort to your own devices when creating a unique aluminum aircraft. Guillermo Rojas Bazán did just that. He built his own 1/15 scale Junkers G 24, overlooking no detail inside and out. Because none exist today, he relied heavily on photos of the 1926 version of the aircraft when drawing out his build plan. Two years later, he had this big beauty.…

3 min
remembering dan jayne, 1953-2016

From his September 2004 debut in FineScale Modeler magazine to dozens of his builds that FSM has displayed posthumously, Dan’s incredibly detailed models have never ceased to confound and amaze. Despite his propensity for ambitious, time-intensive projects, he was incredibly prolific. As former FSM senior editor Paul Boyer says, “It wasn’t just one or two models. It was dozens.” As it turns out, it was even more than FSM could publish in our 12-year association with him. So, we’ve taken this opportunity to show more of his work, along with his enlightened musings on the grand art of “gizmology.” Unfortunately, the information we received with many of these images is pretty sparse — but we think the pictures alone are worth a few thousand words. The joy of gizmos giz • mol • ogy…

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making waves

I have a propensity for building subjects found along the road less traveled. Long ago (actual years intentionally omitted), I purchased the Revell (ex-Matchbox) Flower-class corvette and proceeded to ponder its fate. Wanting something unique that wouldn’t cost a fortune to upgrade, I narrowed it down to a score of corvettes that were procured by the U.S. Navy via the Lend-Lease policy. Some of these were given only minor alterations before seeing service, while others underwent extensive rework and were refitted on other occasions. Chief among the latter was the USS Tenacity (previously the HMS Candytuft) Tenacity underwent two major refits and wore at least two different camouflage measures. If the real ship could undergo so much construction, I figured my model could as well. After adding extensive above-deck scratchbuilding, I…