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GRIT Country Skills Series

GRIT Country Skills Series

Spring 2020

The recently launched Country Skills book series by GRIT magazine is loaded with easy, healthy and do-it-yourself tips and tricks to make your life better. Whether it is making the perfect loaf of homemade bread or finally getting those backyard chickens, we have the solutions. You won’t be disappointed.

United States
Ogden Publications, Inc.
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Featured Comments “Our rural postal carrier even took (the chicks) out of the box, put them under the heat lamp, and made sure they all had a drink!” —Suzanne Weber, via Facebook, on “Inside Look at a Hatchery” “A few things to know about guineas: They’re great tick and all-around bug eaters. They are great farm yard guard dogs. They sound the loudest, most annoying alarm to ward off and run off predators … They are dumber than a bag of hammers. They can fly, and very well might. But then spend a whole day running a fence line trying to figure out how to get back over it. We have about 25 and love them.” — Shellie McClish, via Facebook, on “Great Guide to Guinea Fowl” podcast Community Chickens Thinking of raising chickens? Check out…

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“We had a beautiful rooster who hated EVERYONE except the little old neighbor lady who he would go up to for a hug and a cuddle. So strange. The garbage men left a note on the gate saying they wouldn’t collect the trash due to a vicious animal. Heck, he even chased cars.” —Laurie Weigel “What a great story. I grew up with all sorts of animals and got bit a few times. I love my chickens but hate when they get excited and flap around my head coming down from their roost. I feel better hearing your story, now I don’t feel silly for overreacting when they do that.” —Mishael Jones “‘Mawmaw’ (Grandmother) kept chickens. I found a new clutch of baby chicks and was determined to capture a few of them to…

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Five Tips for Raising Baby Chicks Indoors By Kathryn Robles “Raising chickens is all the rage lately, and for good reason! Chickens are a great livestock for beginners and experienced homesteaders, and they can be raised in a variety of locations. Even if you have just a small flock, it can be very rewarding to raise your own baby chicks. While you can purchase hatching eggs or adult birds, many people choose to raise their own chicks indoors. This allows you to have more breed options and can help your birds be extra friendly.”—from Farming My Backyard blog Kathryn has a backyard farm with gardens, chickens, and rabbits on just 1⁄10 of an acre. Nesting Box Herbs: Chicken Aromatherapy By Lisa “My coop never smelled very good until I started adding an herbal blend that includes…

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Backyard Chickens 101 Whether you’re raising chickens in your backyard or running a larger scale operation, Editorial Director Hank Will explains the basics of what you should know to succesfully raise backyard chickens from brooder to coop. Not only do chicks provide you with fresh meat, they reduce the number of pests on the farm. Please visit to view the full video. Egg Production Supplement your diet and grocery budget with fresh eggs from your backyard poultry flock. Ensure your laying hens receive a balanced diet for the most nutritious eggs. Editorial Director Hank Will and Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Gordon Ballam talk tips for keeping hens in top laying condition at How to Build a Chicken Coop in an Hour Learn how to build a chicken coop with family and friends in…

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LETS TALK CHICK ILLNESSES With chick season right around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to talk about common chick illnesses. When it comes to chicks, the most important variable is timing. One moment they seem absolutely fine and the next they have perished. So, let’s get right into the nitty-gritty. Many illnesses are completely preventable with the use of vaccinations. Other key factors include cleanliness, and having a great preventive care plan. You need to have a chick medicine kit of sorts, that way you have what you need when it’s time. Protect your investment by doing a ton of research and being prepared. PASTY BUTT Also known as “pasting up,” takes place when their droppings stick to their down feathers surrounding the vent. The blockage can become…

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Chickens are every bit as fun and easy to care for as dogs or cats, plus they provide a steady supply of fresh eggs. The biggest challenge is keeping the birds safe from predators and, at the same time, allowing them to enjoy a natural diet of grains, greens, and insects. Most poultry predators roam at night—raccoons, coyotes, owls, and such. But hawks and some dogs have been known to attack free-ranging birds during the day, especially when there are no humans or guard dogs at home to chase them away. You could keep your birds safe inside a fully enclosed conventional coop, but then they wouldn’t be able to forage for their natural diet, which results in the best-tasting and most nutritious eggs. Portable electric mesh fencing can serve as…