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GRIT Country Skills Series

GRIT Country Skills Series Fall 2019

The recently launched Country Skills book series by GRIT magazine is loaded with easy, healthy and do-it-yourself tips and tricks to make your life better. Whether it is making the perfect loaf of homemade bread or finally getting those backyard chickens, we have the solutions. You won’t be disappointed.

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Featured Comments “Chickens can be sweet pets. I had a pet chicken as a child. Her name was Penny because she was copper red. She loved to be petted. She followed me around and ‘talked’ to me with a soft singing voice. I could pick her up anywhere.” —Twyla Pickering Casady via Facebook on “Do Chickens Make Good Pets?’ “My mom had a rooster that when she would call him ‘pretty boy,’ he would come running and jump up on her shoulder and crow. It was so funny.” —Polly Dorst via Facebook, on “Do Chickens Make Good Pets?” Community Chickens Thinking of raising chickens? Check out Community Chickens, a web community of chicken keepers, novice and experienced, with lots of tales to share. Learn something new every day. From treats to coops, from hilarious moments to DIY…

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“We had a beautiful rooster who hated EVERYONE except the little old neighbor lady who he would go up to for a hug and a cuddle. So strange. The garbage men left a note on the gate saying they wouldn’t collect the trash due to a vicious animal. Heck he even chased cars.” —Laurie Weigel “What a great story. I grew up with all sorts of animals and got bit a few times. I love my chickens but hate when they get excited and flap around my head coming down from their roost. I feel better hearing your story, now I don’t feel silly for overreacting when they do that.” —Mishael Jones “‘Mawmaw’ (Grandmother) kept chickens. I found a new clutch of baby chicks and was determined to capture a few of them to…

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Benefits of Backyard Chickens Former Contributing Editor Robin Mather explains the many benefits to keeping backyard chickens. Not only will you get delicious eggs on a dime, you’ll have access to free fertilizer, organic pest control, hormone-free meat, and the simple joys of watching your chickens roam the yard. Go to for the video. Egg Production Supplement your diet and grocery budget with fresh eggs from your backyard poultry flock. Ensure your laying hens receive a balanced diet for the most nutritious eggs. Editorial Director Hank Will and Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Gordon Ballam talk tips for keeping hens in top laying condition at Feeding Chickens a Balanced Diet A balanced diet is important for all livestock, including your backyard chickens. Depending on their purpose—whether it’s meat, eggs, or both—your chickens need specific…

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Share your visual perspective with GRIT’S online community on, Facebook (, Twitter (@gritmagazine) and Instagram (@ gritmag). We chose several images you see here from those platforms. Post your best shots, and we just might select your photos for a future issue. Email your high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher) along with your contact information (phone number and mailing address) to For more photos from readers, visit us at…

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Here on Haven Homestead, we keep a number of different animals. We have meat rabbits, ducks, a goat, a cat, a dog, and of course, chickens. The one thing that surprised me about the poultry was the differences in anatomy between them and me. There is not much difference between a rabbit and a human on the inside, but chickens and other poultry … they are different! Before we raised chickens, I had heard of gizzards, but I never really knew what they were; and I could only guess at how eggs were made. This article is all about caring for your chickens and the specific needs they have that are different from the other animals on the farm. Water and Feed It goes without saying that your chickens need to be fed and…

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You can make a chicken coop from just about anything. I’ve seen rabbit hutches, tool sheds, and portions of barns converted into chicken coops. If you’re lucky enough to start from scratch, or you’re able to remodel an existing structure, there are a few things we’ve learned you might want to take into consideration. A little red shed was the existing chicken coop and tiny outdoor run when we purchased our farm house. We knew we wanted to build a new, larger coop and run, and had hoped to do so prior to bringing chickens home. It didn’t happen as planned and I am now thankful. We learned a lot using this small coop that wouldn’t have crossed our minds. The girls and handsome Mr. Clyde lived there for about three months…