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GRIT Country Skills Series

GRIT Country Skills Series Fall 2018

The recently launched Country Skills book series by GRIT magazine is loaded with easy, healthy and do-it-yourself tips and tricks to make your life better. Whether it is making the perfect loaf of homemade bread or finally getting those backyard chickens, we have the solutions. You won’t be disappointed.

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grit youtube channel

Backyard Chicken Nutrition Decide before your flock comes home about what they will eat and how you will feed them. Learn more on chicken nutrition and what to feed your backyard chickens as they grow from chicks to hens as you watch the video at Protect Your Flock From Predators It’s not always wildlife that prey on your flock. Neighborhood cats and dogs can also be the culprits when it comes to your chickens. The best thing to do is make sure a chicken coop or shelter is well fortified against the kinds of predators that can be found in your area. Visit for more tips. Incubating Chicken Eggs Use this method to increase your flock size, or to provide replacements. With Hank Will, editor-in-chief of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, learn how to improve…

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Featured Comment My top reasons to raise chickens: ⋆ I never have to run to the store for eggs!⋆ My chickens love me!⋆ Chickens provide excellent natural pest control!⋆ Pastured eggs are much more nutritious than factory-farm eggs.⋆ Baby chicks are SO CUTE!!⋆ Mean roosters still taste great!⋆ You feel a real connection with the food cycle.⋆ It is a wonderful learning experience to share with the children in your life!⋆ Chickens provide better entertainment than the television!⋆ With a flock of chickens, I am one step closer to food independence! —Heather Jackson in “Top 10 Reasons to Raise Chickens,” Green Eggs and Goats blog Community Chickens If you are thinking of raising chickens, we invite you to check out Community Chickens, a web community of chicken keepers, novice and experienced, with lots of experience…

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counting your chickens

Share your visual perspective with GRIT’S online community on, Facebook (, Twitter (@gritmagazine) and Instagram (gritmag). We chose several images you see here from those platforms. Post your best shots, and we just might select your photos for a future issue. Email your high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher) along with your contact information (phone number and mailing address) to For more photos from readers, visit us at…

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flock owners offer advice

Grit, Dust Baths, and Other Necessities By Lindsay Hodge Here on Haven Homestead, we keep a number of different animals. We have meat rabbits, ducks, a goat, a cat, a dog, and of course, chickens. The one thing that surprised me about the poultry was the differences in anatomy between them and me. There is not much difference between a rabbit and a human on the inside, but chickens and other poultry … they are different! Before we raised chickens, I had heard of gizzards, but I never really knew what they were; and I could only guess at how eggs were made. This article is all about caring for your chickens and the specific needs they have that are different from the other animals on the farm. Water and Feed It goes without saying that…

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why raise heritage livestock?

Heritage breed animals are important elements of our farming history, and helpful additions to any small farm. Heritage breeds diversify a farm and the gene pool of their species, and often will add a colorful splash to your barnyard. In the poultry world, heritage breeds are often some of the most colorful and fun to keep. A heritage breed chicken is defined by The Livestock Conservancy as a breed recognized by the American Poultry Association that is naturally mating, has a long and productive lifespan, and a natural, slow rate of growth. Similarly, heritage ducks, geese, and other animals should lead long lives without growing unnaturally fast or mating through artificial means. Heritage breed animals are not just important because of their versatility on the farm. They also help diversify the farming…

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from total loss to sustainable success

‘Hurricane Katrina was a wake-up call. It allowed us to see how close we are to dying. The hurricane is how I became a farmer.” – Yasin Muhaimin The Color of Food by Natasha Bowens, (New Society Publishers, 2015) teaches us that the food and farm movement is about more than buying local and protecting our soil. It is about preserving community, digging deeply into the places we’ve overlooked, and celebrating those who have come before us. In this excerpt, we meet Yasin Muhaimin who lost everything in hurricane Katrina. He and his wife Elaine worked to rebuild their lives as farmers, finding joy and fulfillment in their work. Thinking about the resilience it takes to bounce back from struggle and trauma, I steer (my car) toward a region of the country that…