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GRIT Country Skills Series

GRIT Country Skills Series Winter 2017

The recently launched Country Skills book series by GRIT magazine is loaded with easy, healthy and do-it-yourself tips and tricks to make your life better. Whether it is making the perfect loaf of homemade bread or finally getting those backyard chickens, we have the solutions. You won’t be disappointed.

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Ogden Publications, Inc.
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Installing a Deer Feeder Like any good project, installing a deer feeder requires adequate preparation and safety. Mother Earth News Editor-in-Chief Hank Will discusses the finer points like clearing surrounding brush, trimming tree branches with a pole saw, and placing the feeder on level ground. Learn more from the video at Exercise Your Dog Hank Will gives advice on how to exercise your dog and the benefits you will enjoy. Developing a routine around your personal schedule and “working” your pet will enable you to reinforce other dog training exercises like “sit” and “stay.” Learn more from the video at How to Sharpen a Knife GRIT Editor-in-Chief Caleb Regan demonstrates the proper way to sharpen a knife using a sharpening stone in this video from the GRIT Archives. Learn more from the video…

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basic survival skills & orienting

Survival training involves far more than just learning basic survival skills necessary to endure hardship. The mechanics of constructing a shelter, finding food and water, and building a fire are crucial, but they’re only part of the whole. The art of survival is a dynamic philosophy unto itself, a doorway to greater understanding of yourself and the world in which you live. Sadly, the conveniences our civilization has devised have separated most of us from nature. Because we no longer have to live directly from the earth, because we no longer have to hunt and gather our food, many of us no longer understand the web of life. People buy apples in a supermarket, but fail to acknowledge the tree from which the fruit was plucked or the energy drawn from…

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make and use a sun compass

As everyone knows, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. It follows, then, that shadows invariably move in the opposite direction — a fact that you can use to plot true north any time the sun shines. Find a stick about a yard long and push it into the center of a fairly level and brush-free spot of ground. The limb doesn’t have to be vertical; you can lean it, if necessary, in any direction that gives you the most convenient shadow. Once the stick is securely positioned, mark the tip of its shadow with a stone or twig. Then wait 15 or 20 minutes (or until the shadow’s point has moved a few inches) and put a second pebble or bit of wood on the ground…

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survival personality develop your intuition

The struggle for survival is a fascinating and inspiring subject, forming the basis for many of the most memorable books and movies. Psychologist Al Siebert’s personal fascination with survivors began when he received his military training from a group of veteran paratroopers: The best survivors spend almost no time, especially in emergencies, getting upset about what has been lost, or feeling distressed about things going badly ... Life’s best survivors can be both positive and negative, both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. — Al Siebert, Ph.D., The Survivor Personality His teachers were legendary members of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment. They had lost nine out of 10 members in combat in the Korean War. Siebert found that these “survivors” were not the crusty, yelling drill sergeants that he had anticipated. They…

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tips for building a wilderness shelter

When you’re out collecting firewood, foraging for wild edibles, or plowing your fields, you can never be sure that you won’t suddenly be faced with a situation in which your survival depends upon your ability to make a shelter, find food and water, and build a fire. In fact, even if you’re “safely” ensconced in the security of a cabin, a farmhouse, or a city apartment, any number of natural or man-made disasters can force you to keep yourself alive by using only what is available in nature. However, any person who knows how to provide his or her necessities, without having to depend on manufactured commodities, can endure even if a calamity severs all ties with the rest of society. And wilderness living abilities are particularly important assets for the…

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more tips for building a winter shelter

Shelters are particularly important in cold or rough weather or when you must remain in an area for a prolonged period of time. Good shelter should: • Protect you from the wind and the elements. • Be easily built to conserve energy. • Be easily and adequately ventilated. • Be large enough to be comfortable but small enough to heat easily. • The better your shelter, the less energy lost in compensating for its inadequacies. • All shelters should have entrances placed at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind. This will maximize your protection from the wind and prevent smoke from your fire from curling back into the shelter. • For large parties, it may be better to divide into groups of two, three, or four, with each group building their own shelter. This will keep the…