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Guitar Techniques August 2020

Take the UK's foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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United Kingdom
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just a few of your regular gt technique experts...

SIMON BARNARD Simon is a graduate of ACM and The Guitar Institute, holding a Masters degree in music. He teaches, examines and plays everything from rock to jazz. SHAUN BAXTER One of the UK’s most respected music educators, Shaun has taught many who are now top tutors themselves. His Jazz Metal album is considered a milestone. JON BISHOP Jon is one of those great all-rounders who can turn his hand to almost any style. He’s also rock legend Shakin Stevens’ touring and recording guitarist. MARTIN GOULDING One of the world’s foremost rock and metal guitarists, Martin teaches for dime-online.org and has written for many of the world’s top guitar mags. CHARLIE GRIFFITHS Guitar Institute tutor Charlie first came to fame in Total Guitar’s Challenge Charlie series. He’s also guitarist with top UK metal-fusion band Haken. PAT HEATH BIMM Brighton lecturer, ESP…

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WHEN I WAS learning to play the guitar, I’d often find myself with no plectrum, having lost it, broken it or whatever. So I’d cut up various bits of plastic, from washing-up bottles to old vinyl records, in order to make my own. Not exactly satisfactory. So I learned to pick with my thumb and first finger, and found that I could do all sorts of things better than was possible with a pick. Stuff like crossing from the first string to the third, from the second to the fourth, and so on. I also worked out a form of chicken picking and, as Jeff Beck has said he does, held the thumb tight to the first finger and used the latter’s fingertip as a plectrum. Listening to the records I was…

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gt digital available for android!

Tap the links Finding your way around the magazine is easy. Tapping the feature titles on the cover or the contents page, takes you straight two the relevant articles. Any web and email links in the text are tappable too Animated tab & audio All the ’s main lessons have mag the audio built in with a moving cursor that shows you exactly where you are in the music. Simply tap the ‘play’ button and you’re off - you can fast-forward or scroll back at will. Play the videos Certain articles have accompanying videos full of useful insight and additional information. Once again, tap the play buttons to enjoy video masterclasses on your iPad (recommended) or smartphone.…

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try it!

Go to www.pocketmags.com, search for Guitar Techniques to purchase a single just . ; or enjoy GT with audio and animated tab on any device! * PLEASE NOTE: Only the Apple and Pocketmags version contains interactive tab and audio. Zinio and others do not. DISC AUDIO (PRINT VERSION ONLY) Sometimes the GT CD features some of the backing tracks as mp3 files due to space. These will be found in a folder on the CD-ROM section of the disc, accessible only via a computer, and will not work in a regular CD player.…

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food for thought

I’ve had over 10 emails recently from ‘older learners’ worrying that they started too late to learn guitar and might never be able to play well. Can we define ‘older’? Some people in their late 20s think they started too late. So while I see this as primarily a mind game, there are some physiological impacts for learners over 60-ish which we’ll come to in a bit. You’re an older learner if you think you are, but that bit is just in your mind. My earliest memories are with guitars and music; it wasn’t ever a choice, it just was. However, the majority of my professional guitar player friends started in their late teens; some in their late 20s and a handful that in their 40s. There are advantages of starting young,…

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session shenanigans

Once Upon A Time it came to pass that Muhammad Ali was honoured with a gala birthday dinner at The Grosvenor House Hotel. Not for nothing is its main function space known as The Great Room. It’s the largest event venue in London and, even if observing today’s guidelines, could probably seat many hundreds of socially distanced guests. It had been deemed appropriate that this glittering array of boxing aficionados, celebrity drinkers and hangers-on in need of a hip meal should be entertained at the conclusion of the formalities. As it transpired, that conclusion was to bear comparison with other astronomical measurements: ie, the nearer one travelled towards it, the further away it seemed to become. My bit part in proceedings was to provide Freddy Green stylings for a big band…