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March 2020

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pushing the limits

It’s still early enough in the year to think about making resolutions for the next 12 months. Like most guitarists, I never feel I have enough time to improve my playing skills. In fact, I generally need some sort of terrifying deadline to properly focus my attention on learning. In the past couple of years, gigs have been the main spur to musical growth, because once the gig’s booked there’s no getting out of it. You have to sink or swim. One thing I learned from recent Hendrix and Cream tribute gigs is that if you really want to grow, you have to leave your comfort zone and tackle something tricky enough that it’s not a sure thing you’ll succeed with flying colours. There were definitely points while we were…

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silver bullet

There seems to have been a renewed focus on digital amplification recently, as newer, more powerful signal processors arrive and amp manufacturers begin to see what they can do with them. Unlike the electron valve, which stopped being developed in the 1940s, digital signal processing is on the cutting edge of modern technology for all kinds of applications, not just music, with competition between chip builders translating into continually improving performance and lower prices. Equally adept with valve, analogue solid-state and digital disciplines, Blackstar has become a force to be reckoned with in the affordable digital-amp market and its new Silverline range features the latest fourth-generation Analog Devices SHARC processor. Here, we’re looking at Blackstar’s Silverline Deluxe 100-watt head and its matching 2x12 cabinet, promising tempting tones that authentically capture the…

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blackstar silverline deluxe 100-watt head

PRICE: £449 ORIGIN: China TYPE: Digital modelling preamp with 100W solid-state power amp OUTPUT: 100W RMS into 4ohms VALVES: None DIMENSIONS: 240 (h) x 583 (w) x 222mm (d) WEIGHT (kg/lb): 9.6/21 CABINET: MDF LOUDSPEAKER: Optional matching 2x12” Celestion V-Type 4-ohm mono/stereo cabinet CHANNELS: 6 fully-programmable voices, 12 onboard memory slots CONTROLS: Voice select, gain, volume, bass, mid, treble, ISF, output stage response select, effects select, effects level, resonance, presence, master volume. Channel, bank, manual select FOOTSWITCH: Not supplied.A latching footswitch switches between channels 1 and 2; FS-10 foot-controller gives access to all channels/effects with 128 memory slots.Also accepts MIDI in ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Patented TVP output stage emulation, patented ISF EQ shift, built-in tuner, USB for direct recording remote control and firmware updates via Insider software app. Emulated headphones/recording out and mp3/line in (can be switched to effects loop send/return using Insider…

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golden years

In 1959, an electric guitar was born that would change the world. A triumph of innovative design, this thing would pass through the hands of rock stars like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. It ascended to icon status in its own right, an instrument that doesn’t look, sound or feel like anything else. At this point, you’re likely picturing the ’59 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The infamous £250k ‘Bursts’. Joe Bonamassa’s pension pot. Not so fast… You see, 1959 was also the year that saw the arrival of the Danelectro 3021 Shorthorn. If ever a guitar got ideas above its station, it’s this double-cutaway, low-budget classic. Envisioned by guitar, er, visionary Nathan Daniel, the 3021 extracted the maximum rock-star-baiting tone from the humblest of materials. The man’s ideas had legs. Nat’s 3021…

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danelectro 60th anniversary ’59m nos+

PRICE: £549 ORIGIN: Korea TYPE: Twin-cutaway ‘shorthorn’ chambered electric guitar BODY: Masonite with hardwood frame NECK: Maple, bolt-on SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (25”) NUT/WIDTH: Aluminium/42mm FINGERBOARD: Pau ferro, 355mm (14”) radius FRETS: 21, medium HARDWARE: Chrome recessed 6-saddle hardtail bridge and vintage-style tuners BRIDGE/SPACING: 52mm ELECTRICS: 2x NOS+ Lipstick single-coil pickups, 2x concentric volume and tone controls and 3-way pickup selector toggle switch WEIGHT (kg/lb): 2.7/6 OPTIONS: None RANGE OPTIONS: Standard ’59 featuring the classic wood saddle bridge (£449); ’59X 12-string from £579; ’59M NOS (£499); ’59 12-string (£529); ’59 12-string with f-hole from £579; Vintage ’56 Baritone (£579) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISH: Deep Blue Metalflake (as reviewed), Silver Metalflake John Hornby Skewes 01132 865381 PROS It’s your classic Dano: it rocks, it jangles, and it punches way above its price tag CONS That bridge sinkhole hurts our eyeballs…

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danelectro ’64xt

PRICE: £699 ORIGIN: Korea TYPE: Reverse double-cutaway chambered electric guitar BODY: Masonite with hardwood frame NECK: Maple, bolt-on SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (25”) NUT/WIDTH: Graphite/43mm FINGERBOARD: Pau ferro, 355mm (14”) radius FRETS: 21, medium HARDWARE: Nickel Wilkinson WVS50 IIK vibrato and vintage-style tuners BRIDGE/SPACING: 52mm ELECTRICS: 1x Dual Lipstick humbucker (bridge), 1x P-90-style single coil (neck), master volume and master tone with push/pull coil-split and 3-way pickup selector toggle switch WEIGHT (kg/lb): 3.2/7.4 OPTIONS: None RANGE OPTIONS: ’66 hardtail with f-hole in 3-Tone Sunburst, Gloss Black and Trans Red (£999) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISH: 3-Tone Sunburst (as reviewed), Gloss Black, Vintage Cream PROS A classic in the making; killer feel and tone; butter-wouldn’t-melt looks; the vibrato adds versatility CONS When you’ve got a minute, sort us out a hardtail option…