Haven January 2021

Haven is a brand new home and living magazine for a brand-new world. With many of us spending more time at home than ever, our homes are our safe haven from the challenges we face beyond our front doors. Step inside the pages and stay awhile. We celebrate everything that makes a house a home — inviting spaces, inspiring people, delicious food, and homes with heart.

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piha rescue

Contemporary artist Russ Flatt and TV journalist and producer Alistair Wilkinson were looking to break free of the Auckland suburbs with their son, Jules Adams, 15, when they found a place gracefully connected with both land and sea. Overlooking the dramatic black sands of North Piha (Waitetura), the house has benefited from a modern update with elements of 1970s New Zealand architecture. We chatted to Alistair about the building process, while Russ, an award-winning photographer, captured its charm. When did you buy this house, and what attracted you to it? We bought the house in May 2014. It was a classic sea-change story – a hankering to get away from suburban life and have more quality time as a family. We fell in love with the location – perched on a…

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alcohol free

THE CRISP CHOICE A classic off-dry cider but with zero alcohol and only 39 calories per can. Crafted from Hawke’s Bay apples, Zeffer’s 0% Crisp Apple Cider has been fermented, then spun to remove the alcohol. zeffer.co.nz GENTLE GIN AF Drinks and Beverage Brothers have released New Zealand’s first alcohol-free gin and tonic-flavoured RTD range to inspire a more mindful and healthier relationship with alcohol. af-drinks.com HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Mac’s Stunt Double beer is a bright and refreshing golden ale that has less than 0.5 percent alcohol. With demand for low and no-alcohol craft beers on the rise, it’s the healthier choice for guilt-free holiday drinking. macs.co.nz…

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transform whakahuri

SUNNY OUTLOOK Karen Canty chose a cheerful lime/yellow for the front door of her charming cottage. “I’m drawn to coastal colours, especially aqua, and the yellow works well with those cool colours. We took our painter’s advice and used Dulux Aquanamel Gloss because it’s super hard-wearing and the door doesn’t have a lot of protection from the weather.” Dulux, Aquanamel and Dulux Colours of New Zealand are registered trademarks of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd. Due to the limitations of the printing process, printed images and swatches may not represent the true colour. Always confirm your final colour choice with a Dulux Sample Pot.…

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a few of karl’s favourite gardens

TITOKI POINT, TAIHAPE, NEW ZEALAND Now closed to the public, Titoki Point, created by Gordon Collier, features a variety of settings, including a water garden, bog garden, silver garden and a garden of American flowers. “I went up there in 1987 and took a whole lot of photographs, and I used them a lot in the 1980s and 1990s,” Karl says. “We were talking about it the other day – me and Gordon – and of course when you go back now you can’t get the vistas that were there in ’87 because everything’s grown so much. I sort of preferred it back then but what can you do?” Since leaving Titoki Point, Gordon has created a new garden in Taupō, called Anacapri, which Karl also likes. “It’s a cracker garden, with water…

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one of the flock

During the harsh Arrowtown winter, celebrity chef Nadia Lim noticed her farm hen, Tui, was broody. “I knew the eggs wouldn’t survive,” she says, “so I took the remaining four from her nest and placed them in a DIY incubator.” A couple of days later, Marvin hatched. He slept the first few weeks by the fireplace, in a cardboard box with a hot water bottle by his side. Now he has his own coop, with white walls and a red roof, painted to match the family’s 160-year old farmhouse, which they are slowly renovating. It’s positioned outside the kitchen window, so Nadia can see Marvin first thing every morning. Yet he still sneaks inside the house. “He very much thinks that he is half human, half chicken. I found him all…

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the power of the sun

Solar panels are a big investment. We talk to Angela Hayes from SolarZero, a company offering an affordable new service model for this product. Can any house have solar panels installed? There are a few things to consider if you are looking to get panels fitted: the roof material and condition, its surface area, and its aspect and tilt in order to catch maximum sun rays. You also need to ensure that the electrical wiring and circuit boards in the home are to current standards, which is especially important in older villas and bungalows. Are solar panels still worth installing when around 80 percent of the country’s electricity is renewable? Kiwis who run their home with solar panels help accelerate our transition to be 100 percent renewable by 2030, and carbon neutral…