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Highlights High Five

July 2021
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For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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let’s pretend

Sometimes our children are not our children but are instead cats, puppies, or dinosaurs. You might address your child by his or her name, only to be reminded that he or she has a new animal persona and will only respond to that—and with meows, barks, or roars. “It’s Penelope!” (pages 26–29) is a celebration of children’s imaginations. In this story, Penelope uses her body and some quick costumes to pretend to be different animals until she decides she wants to be Penelope, a child who loves blueberries. After reading this story, your family might enjoy some related extension activities. You might cook or bake with blueberries, pick something from your own garden, start a garden, do animal movements, or make a costume from easily sourced materials. What animal does your child…

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a happy accident

Tex and Indi spent all afternoon building the best sandcastle ever. “Phew, that was a lot of work,” said Tex. “But it was worth it!” “I agree,” said Indi. “It’s perfectly perfect.” Just then, two girls nearby dashed away from a big wave and ran right through their castle. “Nooooo!” said Tex. “Our sandcastle is gone forever,” said Indi. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry. It was an accident,” said one girl. “I’m sorry too,” said the other girl. “Maybe we can help you build a new sandcastle? I’m Aaliyah, and this is Dee.” Indi grumbled, but Tex nudged her. “OK!” said Tex. Soon, the four builders were laughing together. “You know what?” said Indi. “This was a sad accident that turned into a happy accident. We lost one sandcastle but gained a better one and two new friends!”…

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red, white, and shoe

Damian looked at his new sneakers and sighed. He had felt like such a big kid by getting shoes with laces. But now those laces wouldn’t cooperate. “Damian, get your shoes on,” his mom called. “We’re going to the fireworks soon.” Damian tried. Flop! The loops collapsed. He tried again. Whoops! His fingers slipped. Damian closed his eyes and took a slow, deep breath. Loop, around, pull. He opened his eyes and looked at the red, white, and blue flag he was going to take to the fireworks. That was it! “Mom, can I color my laces?” he asked. “Yes, if you do it fast!” called out Mom. Damian got two markers. He colored the laces coming out of the right holes blue. He colored the laces coming out of the left holes red. He looped the red…

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the playdate dilemma

Lola Chick was so excited! Two of her best friends were coming over for a playdate. “Are you ready for your playdate?” asked Grandma Hen. “¡Sí, mira!” said Lola Chick, holding up markers and paper. “You’re going to draw!” said Grandma Hen. “What a great idea.” ¡Sí, mira! SEE MEE-rah Yes, look! When her two friends arrived, Lola Chick led them into the kitchen. “I want to make a paper airplane!” said Levi. “A paper airplane?” said Piper. “I want to make one too!” Lola Chick watched as her friends began folding their paper. She really wanted to draw. “Vamos a dibujar,” said Lola Chick. “We need to fly our planes first!” said Piper. She and Levi tossed their paper airplanes in the air. Lola Chick sighed. Vamos a dibujar. BAH-mohss ah dee-boo-HAHR Let’s draw. Levi looked at Lola Chick. He held out his plane…

1 minuti
it’s penelope!

“Why is Penelope stomping?” asked Uncle Jesse. “I am not Penelope,” said Penelope. “I am a mighty dinosaur!” And the dinosaur stomped on her mighty dinosaur feet. “Why is Penelope walking so stiffly?” asked Uncle Jesse. “I am not Penelope!” said Penelope. “I am a powerful robot!” And the robot walked around on her powerful robot legs. “Why is Penelope buzzing?” asked Uncle Jesse. “I am not Penelope,” said Penelope. “I am a fuzzy bumblebee!” And the bumblebee dove into a flower with her fuzzy bumblebee mouth. “Who is this bouncing beside me?” asked Uncle Jesse. “A kangaroo? A frog? A bunny?” “I am Penelope!” said Penelope. “And I love blueberries!” And Penelope and Uncle Jesse picked blueberries all afternoon.…

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banana nice-cream sundae

You Need ⋆ Frozen bananas⋆ Chocolate sprinkles⋆ Jam⋆ Puffed rice cereal⋆ Chocolate sauce⋆ Whipped cream⋆ Raspberries⋆ Cherry Show us your sundae! Highlights.com/HighFive Adult: Blend the frozen bananas in a blender until smooth. Add water as needed. 1 Prepare. Wash the raspberries and prepare the other toppings. 2 Spoon. Spoon the banana into a bowl. It should be the consistency of frozen yogurt. 3 Add. Add your favorite toppings! We used raspberries, jam, cereal, whipped cream, and a cherry.…