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History Scotland

History Scotland

March-April 2020

Explore centuries of Scottish history and archaeology with fascinating features on topics from all branches and periods of Scottish history and archaeology, written by leading historians, archaeologists and museum curators. With news on the latest research, opinion, expert reviews and spotlights on the country's most significant historical archives, this lavishly-illustrated magazine has everything you need to explore Scotland's rich past.

United Kingdom
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from the editor

For so many of us, myself included, history is a lifelong love that begins at a young age, a theme that runs through Professor Christopher Whatley’s article on Pabay (page 42). He describes childhood fossil hunts on the island: ‘we would pocket masses of these fossils, aware that they were old, very old, but knowing little more than that…’, setting these memories into context alongside his family’s connections to this tiny Hebridean island, which has a unique role in the development of geology. The theme of discovery continues with the launch of our new, two-part series on the role of Scots in the Thirty Years’ War, and a look at how a community has been reconnected with its ancient heritage thanks to a new prehistoric trail.…

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meet the contributors

Steve Murdoch is Professor of History at the University of St Andrews. He researches early modern Scottish interactions with northern Europe. Steve specialises in the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) and the evolution of international maritime law (1513-1713). Professor Murdoch is the author of a new, two-part series on the Thirty Years’ War, beginning on page 24, as he explores the role of Scotland in this three-decade continental conflict. Denis Frize is a graduate of Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities who has taught both in the UK and overseas. An active member of both The Robert Louis Stevenson Club and the Orwell Society, he has an abiding interest in history and biography. On page 32, Denis explores the turbulent career of James Johnstone, aide-decamp to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, followed by a period serving Louis…

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history scotland

David Breeze Christopher Smout Historiographer Royal Elizabeth Ewan University of Guelph EDITORIAL BOARD FIND OUT MORE AT: HTTP://SCOT.SH/HIS-BOARD Mr Derek Alexander Archaeologist, National Trust for Scotland Dr John Atkinson Managing Director GUARD Archaeology Ltd Medieval and post-medieval settlement and industry Dr Sonja Cameron Historian, writer and editor Prof Hugh Cheape Sabhal Mor Ostaig College, University of the Highlands and Islands George Dalgleish Keeper, Scottish History and Archaeology, National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh. Scottish decorative arts, specifically silver, ceramics & pewter; Jacobite collections Dr Piers Dixon Operations Manager at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), (rural settlement and medieval archaeology) Mr Andrew Dunwell Director, CFA Archaeology, Edinburgh (Later prehistory and Roman) Mark A Hall History Officer (archaeology collections) at Perth Museum & Art Gallery. Dr Kevin James Dept of History and Scottish Studies Programme, University of Guelph, Canada Prof S Karly Kehoe Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities, Saint…

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mummy conservation work to go on show

The project, Conservation in Action: Saving the Perth Mummy, showcases how museums look after the fragile objects in their care. A highlight of the exhibition is the museum’s ancient Egyptian mummy, Ta-Kr-Hb. The story of Ta-Kr-Hb is one that has fascinated visitors and staff since she was first presented to the Perth Museum from Alloa Museum in the 1930s. The mummy was donated to the Alloa Society of Natural Science and Archaeology in 1936 by William Bailey, who purchased it from the curator of the government museum in Cairo. It had been discovered three or four years previously, possibly in or around Thebes, and was said to be 2,800 years old and thus dating to the period of the Late New Kingdom. The Perth mummy has been kept safe in the museum…

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the history scotland lectures

‘For Glory, Riches and Honours: The Rocky Road to the Declaration of Arbroath’ is a free talk taking place at the University of Dundee’s Dalhousie Building on Tuesday 28 April. In it, Dr Fiona Watson, a global authority on medieval Scotland, will discuss how and why the Declaration came about, assessing the role it played in the struggle for independence waged under the leadership of King Robert Bruce in the early 14th century. Previously senior lecturer in history at the University of Stirling, Fiona Watson is now well known for her extensive work as a public historian across print, television and radio. Her books include A History of Scotland’s Landscapes, Macbeth: A True Story and Under the Hammer: Edward I and Scotland. She is currently working on the second volume of…

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possible bronze age figures unearthed in orkney

The archaeologists from ORCA Archaeology made the discovery while completing exploratory archaeological excavations connected with the development of an electrical substation on behalf of SSEN Transmission in Orkney, part of a proposed network reinforcement which is required to support renewable electricity generators across Orkney. In total, nine carved stones have been unearthed in the remains of a structure revealed at the proposed Finstown substation site, after digging through 60cm of midden deposits. Some of the objects look remarkably A selection of the finds like stylised representations of the human form, whilst others look more like stones set upright into the floor of a bronze age building excavated by EASE Archaeology at the Links of Noltland, Westray. These may have been used to tie mooring ropes onto, to help hold the roof on. The…