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Luxe Living: Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms is Hong Kong’s leading kitchen and bathroom design magazine. The annual publication is the ultimate guide for homeowners and interior designers alike, showcasing the latest bathroom and kitchen trends, products and tips – all accompanied by stunning images.

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editor’s note

Whether you’re embarking on a new interior project or debating which fixtures and fittings to choose for your dream kitchen, this edition of Home Solutions has you completely covered. Produced by the team behind Home Journal , this is my favourite annual publication as it is visually stunning and packed with practical information and expert advice within a clever, easy-to-digest layout. Whatever questions and dilemmas you may have about decorating and renovating, we hope this serves as an inspirational tool to guide you on your design journey. Like the edition from last year, this fifth edition of Home Solutions features the same room-by-room format – with each chapter dedicated to an area of the home – along with insights from top interior designers and industry professionals in Hong Kong. In addition,…

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BUNDLE OF JOY While minimalist palettes such as Millennial Pink have reigned supreme for a few seasons, expect the return of full-blooded shades like terracotta and sienna. These deep, rich tones lend presence to any unfilled corner. Pair them with wicker and wooden accents to give off a friendly and reinvigorating vibe. A LIFE WELL LIVED It’s official: smart homes are no longer just the science fiction lover’s dream. An intuitive living environment has been made possible via revolutionary gadgets and integrated systems for a comfortable life with the least hassle. Take mirrors for instance: the reflective tool has expanded beyond its original purpose for personal grooming to an interactive interface, feeding users information, from the news, weather, and your calendar to personal reminders and fitness. Start your day in the right direction…

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where life happens

In a city like Hong Kong where space is such a precious commodity, the living room often takes on a multifunctional role – a place where you can come together and enjoy time as a family, host guests, or even accommodate a dining area or a study. When a room works as hard as this to make life more satisfying, it’s important to give it the decorative attention it deserves. How you use the space, as well as your own style preferences, will dictate the design scheme to a certain degree, although there are certain time-honoured trends that can be employed to add effortless elegance and elevate the appeal. Read on to discover how to achieve your own ideal living room, with expert tips and advice from some of Hong Kong’s…

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1 . inspiration: pattern play

It’s time to break away from the minimalist, Nordic style that has served as decor’s dominant force for years – get ready to breathe a little maximalism into your interiors. Think colour, texture and pattern, all of which can be easily incorporated into your existing design scheme through decorative accessories. Or, if you want to fully embrace the drama, fabrics and textiles – including tactile wallcoverings – add character and romance in equal measure. Be bold and, most importantly, have fun – maximalism is all about freedom of expression.…

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2 . colours and textures

Even if you intend for your interiors to make a big impact, it’s always wisest to start with a neutral foundation and build upon it. Amanda Clark, the managing director of Altfield Gallery and Altfield Interiors, says, “In the very small spaces in which most people in Hong Kong live, there is a strong inclination to go white and bright in the expectation that it will make the space seem larger and perhaps cooler in the summer months. It’s certainly the easiest option – however, moving towards cool pale blues and greys can have a similar effect and look more interesting.” Amrita Khanna, the founder and principal designer of Zip Code 888, agrees. She suggests starting with shades of taupe, slate and snow before “adding on colours through rugs, cushions, art…

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3 . fixtures and furnishings

Rather than highlighting any single item of furniture for the living room, Clark, Khanna and Chen all stress the importance of selecting pieces that will last – that is to say, appointments that are both well-made and timeless in their appeal. As with any major expenditure, pieces such as a sofa should be carefully considered, as it will likely be a part of your home for many years to come. “Your sofa will be your largest investment,” says Clark. “Make sure it’s comfortable and covered in a fabric that can take a lot of wear.” In smaller living rooms, curved furnishings can give the impression of added space, especially in boxy or angular rooms. The same can be said of appointments that let the light through, like glass-topped coffee tables or…