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Home Solutions Issue 2016-2017

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Luxe Living: Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms is Hong Kong’s leading kitchen and bathroom design magazine. The annual publication is the ultimate guide for homeowners and interior designers alike, showcasing the latest bathroom and kitchen trends, products and tips – all accompanied by stunning images.

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ASIH JENIE | DESIGN WRITER My favourite room is the study. It brings back childhood memories of my dad's study, which smelled of leather, polished wood and books. He was an aeronautics engineer, and while he worked on his desk he would let me park myself in a corner and read his sci-fi books and play with his model aeroplanes. CHRISTOPHER DEWOLF | JOURNALIST I love the kitchen. It's homey, casual, filled with culinary possibilities and pleasant diversions: a cup of coffee, an afternoon beer, a guilty snack. There's a reason why — where I'm from, at least — house parties seem to naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. MICHELE KOH MOROLLO | JOURNALIST I love the attic study in my childhood home that is filled with books and memories. By the window is an antique…

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editor’s note

When Home Solutions was conceived in 2014, it set out to provide answers to the many questions we face when we decorate and renovate. There are big concerns such as determining the hero pieces in the living room, as well as smaller ones like choosing the best surface for your kitchen worktop. Regardless of scale, this annual magazine addresses numerous design dilemmas, with expert advice from leading interior designers. You don’t necessarily have to be planning a renovation to find Home Solutions useful, either. Alongside practical pointers and photos of impressive interiors, the magazine also showcases beautiful mood boards, paint palettes and a curated list of products – all of which are available locally. And like last year, we’ve bookended the issue with insightful features: we begin with a briefing of…

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SEVENTIES CALLING With a plethora of bold patterns and the reemergence of Formica, there’s no denying that the 1970s is the decade dominating fashion and interiors today. The era’s rich, earthy tones – rust orange, reddish brown, avocado green and harvest gold – can easily infuse a vintage spin into your space. Reference the retro mood through accessories, such as these beautiful lacquered Broste Copenhagen plates. WARDROBE ESSENTIALS A walk-in closet is a dream for many, but for those who don’t have the required square footage, there’s an alternative stylish approach to storing and displaying your belongings. Valets and dressers may have been relegated to the past, but the nostalgic appeal of these furniture pieces goes against the "built-in" trend that has pervaded modern interiors. Use it as a screen to delineate a…

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a life well lived

It’s all in the name. The living room is where you lead your life, so it should reflect your personality and lifestyle above all else. In recent decades with the advent of single-person households corresponding to the average home size shrinking, the living room has morphed into an open-plan room that’s interconnected with the dining area and kitchen. The multi-purpose space requires a design brief that is both dynamic, so as to create a sense of interest in the communal area, but also forward planning in order to respond to all of your needs. Do you like to entertain, or do you want a hideaway where you can read a book or watch TV in peace? Do you need a lot of storage for your books, your liquor collection or your…

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mood board

1. INSPIRATION: SEVENTIES SOUL The colours and materials associated with the Seventies are making a major comeback but today’s rendition has a distinctly elegant feel. Embrace the decade’s earthy outlook with neutral hues – weave in gold and mustard yellow as highlights – and add natural materials especially walnut wood. Pair these with daring geometric patterns in a monochromatic palette and incorporate other feature colours, such as turquoise for extra depth and visual interest. 2. COLOURS AND TEXTURES Many designers suggest going for a warm, cosy space that will make you feel at home. "We like using warm colours such as white, brown, bronze and beige," says Zchron Interior Design’s Louis Chan. Others prefer punchier colours. "Blue and gold are very on-trend," says KES Interior Design founder Frankie Ke. Designer Peggy Bels says you…

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Frankie says leather and fabric are good bets for upholstery and wallcoverings. "Fabric usually brings layers and detail from the weaving," he says. "As for leather, it’s coming back again and I believe it will be widely applied in the next few years. Leather always creates a luxurious experience." The same can be said for marble, despite its overabundance in many grandiose Hong Kong show flats. To get a sense of how different colours and textures will work together, Louis creates a 3D computer model using real samples of the material, which helps him fine-tune the details of a space before renovation or decoration work actually begins. Appearance isn’t the only thing that matters, though. Edge Design Institute’s Gary Chang says it’s just as important to consider the invisible aspects of each…