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ImagineFX December 2018

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

United Kingdom
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welcome to… no.1 for digital artists imaginefx

Question: Do you think you’re a good artist? I ask you this because in his interview over on page 38, Shaun Tan opined that “he finally knows what he’s doing.” These words came from an accomplished artist who not only has written and illustrated many books, he also bagged himself an Oscar all of seven years ago. Clearly, his perception of knowing what he’s doing is very different from mine! How we see ourselves is often at odds with how others see us. If you answered “no” to the question above, why not try seeking out critiques from trusted friends, fellow artists and family? They’ll spot the best in you that you may have overlooked. Also, don’t forget to send in your art so we can help showcase it to the world.…

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Not IN THE UK? Visit https://ifxm. ag/15-saving for 15 per cent off subscriptions! plus! gorgeous word-free covers! FREE Eclipse Charger * GIFT WORTH £69.99! It’s easy to subscribe… visit or call 0344 8482852 and quote IF XE (UK) KEY FEATURES Charge multiple devices at maximum speed Three-port USB charging station, featuring Smart IC technology, ensures safe, high-speed charging. Precise cable management Holds up to 20 feet of cables, neatly wound around its centre for clutter-free and untangled charging. Stylish design A capacitive touch sensor emits an ambient light, enabling you to find your cables in the dark with ease. Choose your subscription! PRINT EDITI ON from £32 every six months 13 issues of ImagineFX in print, PLUS Eclipse Charger worth £69.99! PRINT & DIGITAL BUNDLE from £40 every six months 13 issues of ImagineFX in print and digital, PLUS Eclipse Charger worth £69.99! This offer entitles new UK print and…

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Over 2 hours of video tutorials from pro artists to watch and learn from! Reference shots are only half the story Patrick J Jones’ series on figure drawing starts this month on page 62. In his workshop video, you’ll see how he takes the model’s expressive pose and then puts his own style into the drawing. How to go from a 2D concept to a detailed 3D model Watch how Baj Singh sculpts a mammoth with a variety of 3D tools. There’s more on page 78. Make time to learn from the Old Masters That’s what Gavin O’Donnell does on page 70 – and watch his video for further insights. Create art with visual impact Ricardo Guimaraes mixes colours on page 86. Landscapes in Photoshop We review this training video on page 97. GET YOUR RESOURCES You’re three steps away from this…

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Lucy Georgina Wilson LOCATION: Australia MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: Lucy loves fantasy, dark stories and all things whimsical. “I like to think of my own art as small windows into the world inside my mind,” she says. Jian Zhi LOCATION: Singapore MEDIA: SketchUp, Photoshop, ZBrush WEB: Jian is an avid film watcher and video game enthusiast. These images are taken from the artist’s final project at FZD School of Design, and explore a post-apocalyptic Hong Kong. Iwona Gradzka LOCATION: Poland MEDIA: Rebelle, ArtRage, Krita WEB: Iwona is a Ph.D. student studying physics. Her passion for digital painting evolved from a love of traditional art, which has been an interest since childhood. JéTaun Fitzpatrick LOCATION: US MEDIA: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop WEB: JéTaun – known as Jet – describes herself as “a storyteller, perpetual trier and an avid lover…

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15 best online art schools

Computer Graphics Master Academy Cost: from $599 to $998 per course Computer Graphics Master Academy is focused on getting its students work in the animation, games and VFX industries, and to this end offers 100 courses, from drawing basics to environment design. These are taught by over 90 pros, including Mélanie Delon, Patrick J Jones, Armand Serrano and Aaron Limonick, who provide live feedback and one-to-one mentoring in a virtual classroom. Visual Arts Passage Cost: from $799 to $1,799 per course Visual Arts Passage is a mentorship programme for students pursuing a career in the art industry. Live, interactive classes are small and are taught by working professionals, including George Pratt, Jon Foster and Michael Bierek. It offers a foundations course, and lessons in entertainment and game art, and illustration. Applicants qualify for…

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john english

Can you tell us about the relationship between the Visual Arts Passage and The Illustration Academy? The Illustration Academy is a series of immersive in-person workshops, taught by working illustrators. Students travel to the attend the Academy from all over the world. With that in mind, we created an online program of equal calibre, that was accessible to art students everywhere. What do the courses involve? Students receive in-depth, one-on-one guidance from experienced artists in small classes. All lessons are delivered live and are fully interactive. Every student has a front row seat. What’s the course structure? Visual Arts Passage places art students on a track of challenging courses taught by working artists. This bridges the gap between the art student and the professional. We guide students from building foundational skills, all the way to…