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ImagineFX March 2019

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

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no.1 for digital artists imaginefx

Reading this month’s Artist in Residence instalment from Paul Davidson (page 32) made me want to jump on a train to Tyne and Wear, and demand entry into his studio-cum-museum. As Paul says, a studio should be a place that’s both inside and outside of your head. How great to be able to surround yourself with real objects of inspiration? Beats my office desk any day… I suppose artwork created in virtual reality is the next best way of getting inside an artist’s head. Just watching the videos that accompany our interview with Goro Fujita (page 38) provided a glimpse of the artist’s talent, as well as highlighting the potential of using VR in a studio’s creative pipeline, where any method of speeding up the production process is a good thing.…

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WORKSHOP VIDEOS Create your best-possible composition in virtual reality Martin Nebelong explains his techniques in his video, and his workshop’s on page 76. Think like a sculptor when drawing the human body See how Patrick J Jones brings a sense of dimensionality to his studies. There’s more on page 82. TRAINING Improve your Painting Process We review this instructional video on page 95. INTERVIEW Watch Goro Fujita in action Turn to page 38 for more on the VR superstar. OVER 1 HOUR of video tutorials from pro artists to watch and learn from!…

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shan qiao

LOCATION: US MEDIA: Photoshop, ZBrush WEB: 1 CROSSFIRE 10TH ANNIVERSARY “I loved working with the Crossfire team. Everyone contributed their ideas to the art, and the result is so relatable.” 2 SAMURAI DESIGN “I enjoy making sculptures as much as painting. Sometimes I create character designs in 3D. Samurai characters are a common theme in my work.” 3 PROLON “I love dark fantasy worlds. I wrote a story, came up with 30 illustrations, and edited them into a five-minute animated short. It took me three months.” 4 KOWLOON STORY “I always challenge myself to build a rich and colourful world in one illustration. I create chaos with a certain logic, and let the viewer spend time exploring it.” Want to submit your work? Visit…

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patrick warren

LOCATION: England MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: 1 NECROPOLIS – CHAPTER 1 “This front cover needed to catch people’s eyes while feeling dark and ominous. I kept everything in the background dark, with the foreground figure underlit by the neon title.” 2 GLITCH TUNNEL “I was interested in old VHS distortion and glitch art when I did this. I spent a long time getting the distortions and imperfections to look, well, perfect!” 3 CHARACTER COLLAGE “Another poster-style image with a bunch of characters I invented. I wanted to make a cross between a 70s film and Capcom video game poster.” 4 NECROPOLIS “I created this for my comic Necropolis. I wanted something with a dark, limited colour palette and bright negative space to make it pop.” Want to submit your work? Visit…

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sanjin halimic

LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: 1 ATHENA “I painted Athena’s skin and background using subtle chroma shifts and close values. I wanted to exaggerate the eye expression of a wise and cunning goddess.” 2 CONQUEST “The concept of the painting is: humans conquer all. I was keen to capture the moment of helplessness of a great mountain dragon, right before his demise.” 3 CURIOUS DRAGON “The idea was to portray an encounter between a wandering wizard and a lava-loving dragon. The eye focus points are highlighted using the highest chroma intensity and edge control.” Want to submit your work? Visit…

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pablo leon

LOCATION: US MEDIA: Photoshop, Maya WEB: 1 DEATH ISLAND “I love experimenting with cloud shapes. I thought this piece was a great opportunity to try out something different.” 2 THE OVERSEEING TOWER “I painted this for a demo on stylised environments. I was pushing for a feeling of discomfort that someone can see your every move from high up in that tower.” 3 WE CAN BE HEROES TOO “I wanted to illustrate the idea that these inner-city kids can aspire to be heroes just as much anyone else, no matter their background.” 4 A TINY PRINCE “The Tiny Prince embarking on a quest! I’m a big fan of the Californian Impressionism movement, and wanted to do my take on it.” Want to submit your work? Visit…