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ImagineFX April 2019

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to… no.1 for digital artists imaginefx

What is the perfect piece of art? Does it exist? We all strive to create the perfect image, but what happens when you can’t let go? It’s never done, of course. You may find that you spend most of your time on the last 10 per cent of an image. Wise words, then from Sachin Teng in our interview on page 34: “Not every piece can be your magnum opus. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t submitted work they wish they could add just one more detail to.” So, an image can still be brilliant, even if you don’t think it’s completed. I thought Sachin’s interview was a great read. Take a look for yourselves and let me know your thoughts. Also, for readers who picked up a copy of this magazine…

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editor’s choice

Worldwide community of artists Our FXPosé gallery is a mainline into the gorgeous work that’s created by your fellow artists. Creature comforts Fantastic, characterful artwork from Guille Rancel accompanies his guide to creating creatures. To the moon and back Watch how Moon draws and paints his stunning portrait using watercolours, oils and gouache. @imaginefxmagazine @imaginefx Great gift for you! Get Corel Painter Essentials 6 worth £34.99 when you subscribe to ImagineFX! Turn the page……

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GIFT WORTH £34.99 (new subscribers receive a download copy) PLUS Subscribers get exclusive discounts on Corel Painter software Key features Natural media tools Achieve realistic results with oil, pencil, watercolour and more. Eye-catching effects Have fun creating sparkles and glows, or paint with patterns. Paint quickly Use symmetry, tracing and cloning tools for speedy results. Intuitive interface Painter Essentials 6 is ideal for those starting out in digital art. Subscribe to the leading magazine for digital artists, and you’ll get… New techniques from pro artists Improve your painting skills with the best in the industry. Brilliant value Subscribe to save £££ off the ImagineFX cover price. Exclusive covers Subscribers receive issues with text-free covers. No-hassle delivery We deliver to over 100 countries worldwide. GORGEOUS WORD-FREE COVERS! Choose your package! PRINT EDITION FROM £29.50 every six months 13 issues of ImagineFX in print, PLUS Corel Painter Essentials 6 PRINT & DIGITAL BUNDLE FROM £34.50 every six months 13…

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COVER WORKSHOP OVER 8 HOURS of video tutorials from pro artists to watch and learn from! See Asia Ladowska paint manga! Watch Asia Ladowska’s video to see how she painted this cheerful manga character. And in her workshop on page 54 learn how the artist worked closely with ImagineFX on the colour choice. WORKSHOPS See Zeronis’s take on a Neon Genesis Evangelion character In his video, Paul Kwon reveals how he painted his version of Asuka. More on page 84. You’ve got to hand it to Patrick J Jones… Watch how the artist draws the human hand and arm, then turn to page 76 for more insights. Mixed media art by Moon See the artist’s portrait workshop on page 106. Paint an anime-style street Tan Hui Tian’s workshop is on page 68. GET YOUR RESOURCES You’re three steps away from this issue’s resource files… 1…

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Roberto Ribeiro Padula LOCATION: Brazil MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: Roberto loves to paint imaginary creatures in a realistic manner. On his website you’ll find short stories to accompany his paintings. 1 STRANGE ENVOY “An envoy from a dimension of diseases, bearing a sack full of gifts for all of us.” 2 RIVER PARROT “A portrait of a small amphibian creature that lives near clean bodies of water. They are harmless and cute.” 3 GARY, THE DEVOURER OF CAKES “A portrait of the oldest and most dreadful of all elder gods. The god responsible for birthdays and ageing, known only as Gary.” 4 PALE STRIDER “A large creature that wanders the barren lands and salt plains, known for its remarkable resilience and determination.” 5 PYGMY BASILISK “Though shy and small, this thorny reptile is deadly poisonous. Just a little scratch from its spikes,…

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how to find your art style

GET MORE FROM VERTEX Learn how you can get your portfolio reviewed by Game Workshop’s pro artists, and see what Adam Dewhirst of leading VFX house DNEG has up his sleeve. Page 27 SUPERHERO WORSHIP Presented with a blank canvas for his studio, Mike Mahle created a love letter to comics and superheroes. You’re taking tour bookings – right, Mike? Page 28 DROP US A LINE If you’ve seen something in the magazine that you want to comment on, or want to talk about inspiring art or artists, get in touch! Page 33 If you were asked to make a list of your favourite artists, chances are you’d be able to explain the small quirks or creative decisions they’ve made that made an impact on you. You might have even tried to recreate these styles in…