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ImagineFX January 2020

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

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welcome to…

Our workshop section is an important part of what we do. We’re here to teach you the skills and know-how to get better at creating art. However, it’s not the only facet you need to move forward. It’s important to think about how other attributes of your personality could assist. On page 22 we take a look at common traits that successful artists have. In this feature you’ll glean insight from titans of art, such as Karla Ortiz, Iain McCaig, Bobby Chiu, Lois Van Baarle and Pablo Carpio. They give specific and helpful examples of how their personality traits have worked in tandem alongside their brush skills to lead to success. From having tenacity, to setting out clear goals, I relished hearing from artists that I have long admired for their…

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OVER 1 HOUR of video tutorials from pro artists to watch and learn from! Paint an ethereal figure in Procreate Watch how illustrator Fatemeh Haghnejad paints a woodland elf character, which is based in part on Hollywood royalty Audrey Hepburn. Turn to page 62 for Fatemeh’s workshop. Make your watercolours stand out on the canvas In Margaret Morales’ workshop video you’ll learn how to build up vibrant watercolours using layers. Turn to page 104 to find out more about Margaret’s painting techniques. Create specular highlights Mike Corriero concepts and paints a fantasy sea creature. His workshop is on page 84 Low-light, high-impact art See how Bryn G Jones uses reference for his portrait art. Turn to page 70 for his workshop. Explore the latest additions to Corel Painter 2020 Magdalena Proszowska, senior concept artist at Ubisoft, highlights some of the…

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Mathieu Lauffray LOCATION: France MEDIA: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate WEB: “My priority is to work as a storyteller,” says freelance illustrator and concept artist Mathieu. “I put myself in the mindset of a character, then focus on the specific emotions of the scene before capturing those feelings on canvas.” 1 PROPHET “In this comic book cover the main character faces the ultimate evil power without fear or hesitation. I used a symmetrical composition with contrasting colours to direct the viewer’s eye.” 2 TARZAN “In this Tarzan movie concept art, the lead character is standing with his people and surrounded by the huge power of nature. Despite this, he’s calm and peaceful. He is the lord of the jungle.” 3 LONG JOHN SILVER “Pirates discovering an unexpected wreck in the middle of the Amazon jungle. What happened…

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what traits do successful artists have in common?

Can artists succeed on talent alone? Perhaps. But in the real world, certain personality traits make the art journey a great deal easier. One, believes artist and teacher Bobby Chiu, is having clear goals. “When I started out, I had small aspirations,” he recalls. “I just wanted to work in an art department. It didn’t matter what I did: sweep people’s floors, sharpen pencils, or whatever. But that mindset led me nowhere.” “It’s like going to the gym to sculpt a ripped body, but only doing the treadmill. Just ‘doing art’ isn’t enough” His career only took off, Bobby says, when he started setting bigger goals, and urges others to learn from his mistake. Most importantly, your goals need to be clear. “You may say, for instance, ‘I’m going to spend this many hours…

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bobby chiu

How do you stay motivated in your work? My methods including staying organised, setting attainable goals and making detailed plans. But I can’t say for certain that will work for someone else. It really depends on how your brain works, what kind of rewards you crave, and maybe even what you get out of art. When someone asks me how to be motivated, I ask them in return, why do you think you lack motivation? It’s an answer that could be complex and require a lot of thought and self-reflection. The other option is, if you can’t be motivated, then be disciplined. Is success about personality, or the attitude you take? I love that you bring up attitude because it’s such an important thing. Yes, I know lots of successful artists and they run…