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ImagineFX Xmas 2017

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

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welcome to... no. 1 for digital artists imagine fx

Hello friends, how are you? What’s that? Yes, there’s an ink drawing of a man on the cover. No biggie. We were so taken with the fluidity and intricate line art of Andrew Mar’s work on Instagram that we simply had to have him create our cover. If you don’t already follow him on Instagram, take a trip to @andrewkmar. Oh, and say hello and give a follow to@imaginefxmagazine while you’re there! I’d like to thank you for buying this edition of ImagineFX. We live in a world of information overload, which can leave us frazzled. So, if you can, take a little time to switch off from your usual digital interruptions and sit and read something in these pages from start to finish. And relax… Finally, and I know bang on…

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editor’s choice

Three of my top picks this month… The one and only Syd Mead Is Syd the most famous concept artist – or should I say visual futurist – ever? He just might be… Robot bears and mech whales Oh, Jake Parker, you had me at robot bears. Thank you for your sketchbook full of kooky mash-ups. Narrative and storytelling I loved discovering the detailed back story that Jason Rainville gave his characters for his workshop. @imaginefx @imaginefxmagazine Subscribe and save! Did you know that Subscribers get beautiful text-free cover art? See page 54 for more details……

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WORKSHOP VIDEOS Find out what’s new in Procreate 4 In her figure workshop on page 84, Tatiana Svistunova goes through some of Procreate’s new features. Watch her video to see the art app in action. OVER 3 HOURS of video tutorials f rom pro artists to watch and lear n from! Develop your narrative skills Jason Rainville packs in plenty of story beats into his art. Learn how by turning to page 70 and watch his video, too. PLUS 3 CUSTOM BRUSHES FLAT CHAL Jason Rainville uses this soft brush to paint the clouds in his excellent fishing village scene. RECTANGLE TEXTURED In contrast, this brush enables Jason to illustrate harder surfaces in the environment, such as rocks.…

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jude godin

Location: Canada MEDIA : Photoshop Web: 1 DIVER DOWN “Our little hero is nothing on dry land, but always finds adventure beneath the waves. Venturing deeper yet, a watery meddling most foul is found: a mermaid in distress!” 2 AIR STATION ZEBRA “Concept art for a personal project. This scene shows the dawn patrol on their way to the air station Zebra – the outermost station of the crumbling airborne empire.” 3 CAT LADY “This illustration of a futuristic lady holding her defensive feline was just a quick test of my workflow, but it’s become a favourite for its simple lines, comical storytelling and bright colours.” 4 FALL OUT FAMILY “This snapshot of a postapocalyptic family was a commission for a friend. I laid down a minimal palette of rusts and blues to make these wasteland warriors…

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jeszika le vye

Location: US MEDIA : Photoshop Web: 1 MASTER OF CEREMONIES “This child has been removed from the real world by psychological damage and must either face herself and become human again, or turn into a wild creature that transforms into a raven.” 2 PETER PAN “This painting appeared almost fully realised in my mind. The piercing eyes brought to mind Peter Pan; an ageless child living away from reality, in his own world.” 3 PIED PIPER “This explores child mortality. I imagined a grim reaper-figure leading the child away from the known world. The little girl, not able to fully understand, is caught between wonder, curiosity and fear.” 4 COCOON “When we become injured, there’s a choice of whether we want to heal ourselves or not. Do we drown ourselves in the pain, or do we regrow…

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lauren covarrubias

Location: US MEDIA : Photoshop, ZBrush, DAZ Studio, Blender Web: 1 GUARDIAN “For this otherworldly being, I started off with a DAZ Studio 3D model. I modelled it and added the staff in ZBrush, then painted over the character in Photoshop.” 2 CLAIRVOYANCE “Here, I mixed Photoshop with a little bit of 3D. I wanted to capture and freeze a moment of mystery, and enable the viewer to create their own story.” 3 PRAISE ON THE PATH “I created the statue in this image in ZBrush, then painted the environment in Photoshop. I wanted to capture a shrine in the early morning sunlight.” 4 SECRET STUDY “For this painting I wanted the focus to be on props and items on show. These would tell the narrative of a mage’s desk.”…