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Gossip e celebritá
In Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly August 12, 2019

In Touch Weekly is a celebrity and entertainment news magazine that brings you all the latest news, gossip and photos of the hottest Hollywood stars and celebrity icons.

United States
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who wore it better?

Lindsey did! Points to Becky for amping up this glimmering Yousef Aljasmi gown with glitzy accessories, but those white shoes? Girl, please. Former Olympian Lindsey’s matching ankle-wrap shoes and glam waves were dazzling complements! It’s a tie! Between American Horror Story star Lily’s chic velvet headband and Bryce’s red-hot lip, the way both ladies accented this The Vampire’s Wife dress made it so there are no losers in this matchup. Hilary did! While we love how Beth played up the yellow in this Rixo dress with sunny shoes, Younger star Hilary’s white Grecian-inspired sandals create a winning look with the prairie-style bohemian vibe.…

1 minuti
everyone’s obsessed with keanu!

Keanu Reeves is having a moment. While the Canadian star’s good deeds have long been the stuff of Hollywood lore — helping Octavia Spencer with her broken-down car when she was a struggling actress; starting a secret foundation for children’s cancer research; hilariously spoofing himself in the Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe — 2019 seems to be the year everyone realized how much they love him. But when asked at the Toy Story 4 premiere how he feels about being the “internet’s boyfriend,” Keanu, 54, was typically humble. “That’s wacky,” he said. “The positivity’s great.” Below, we rounded up some of his most recent swoonworthy moments. HE’S SWEET TO FANS While filming Bill & Ted Face the Music in Louisiana in July, he spotted a sign on a lawn reading “You’re…

1 minuti
tom jumps off a cliff with his daughter — cool or completely crazy!

Tom Brady, 41, may be considered the greatest quarterback of all time, but some are now dubbing him the worst dad of all time after he recently shared a video on Instagram of him jumping off a cliff with his 6-year-old daughter, Vivian. “OMGGGG! HOW irresponsible is that…poor baby, she wasn’t even ready to jump!” slammed one online commenter. Said another, “If this wasn’t Tom Brady, folks would say this is child abuse.” Even fellow dad Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson chimed in, commenting, “You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father — but this just gave me anxiety. Geeezus.” 98% completely crazy…

1 minuti
no-show, no problem!

THE LION KING STARS “I look really intimidated because …I’m imagining that I am about to be put into a photo with Beyoncé and that was nerve-wracking enough,” John Oliver says of posing for a cast shot sans Queen B. KARDASHIAN HOLIDAY CARD The Kardashians have famously embraced photoshop — and not just for touch-ups. “We pretend that we’re always together,” says Khloé, noting that she and then-husband Lamar Odom, Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner — and even Kim’s deceased cat Mercy — had to be added to their 2012 card. UNIVERSAL’S DARK UNIVERSE CAST Five A-listers in one room? Not quite. The stars of the studio’s monster movie series — Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Sofia Boutella — all posed separately. MARVEL’S 10TH ANNIVERSARY CAST SHOT Three of the Hollywood Chrises (Hemsworth, Evans…

1 minuti
meet rihanna’s mini-me!

No, Rihanna didn’t try out a hot new de-aging app. “Almost drop my phone. How?” the singer, 31, posted on Instagram on July 23, after stumbling across a photo of a young girl who looks so much like her, fans wondered if she had a secret daughter! It turns out the doppelgänger is 7-year-old Ala’a Baytops, from Roanoke, Va. “I was just starstruck — it was surreal and still is,” the aspiring model’s mom, Bria, told Good Morning America, adding that her daughter has since done a photo shoot. “And we’ll be doing more. [Ala’a] just said that she’s going to be a star.” That’s certainly likely — thanks to RiRi’s shout-out, she’s already got more than 61,000 followers!…

3 minuti
once upon a time in…hollywood premiere

LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH! LA, July 22 MARGOT ROBBIE is in the place to be — between co-stars BRAD PITT and LEONARDO DICAPRIO! — at the Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood premiere. RUMER HAS IT Sister act! SCOUT, RUMER and TALLULAH WILLIS engage in sibling revelry in support of Rumer’s role in the film. BAD BROMANCE You’re the man — no, you’re the man! The film’s director, QUENTIN TARANTINO, and SNOOP DOGG are mutual fans. RED ALERT Rome, July 22 “Sun burns, ugh! I haven’t had this happen in years but thank goodness I had my [KKW Beauty] body makeup with me!” says KIM KARDASHIAN, turning her scorched cleavage into a promotional opportunity. HOT WHEELS LA, July 25 License to chill! ADAM LEVINE leaves the Dogpound gym in a classic Porsche. PRETTY IN PINK LA, July 17 JENNY MCCARTHY rocks an itsy bitsy teenie weenie…