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(inside) interior design review

(inside) interior design review No. 105

The premier professional journal for today's interior architects and designers in Australia, presenting the latest in cutting-edge interior projects and insightful discussions addressing the industry's most relevant topics to date. For the sophisticated and innovative designer, (inside) chronicles the ongoing conversation of design, both globally and locally, and the creative prowess that drives it forward. Our continued support of the Australian design industry through IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards) and its annual programme nurtures both young and established designers, boasting their work locally and overseas.

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Welcome to the first issue of inside for 2019. We ended last year on a high with the amazing gala party for IDEA 2018 (p20) and what a night! Many thanks to our fabulous sponsors, who made it all possible, and to the more than 600 designers and architects who attended. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! This year the event will be held in Melbourne and we look forward to another incredible evening; however, there is much happening in Australia before the culmination of IDEA 2019 in November. We review the astounding installation Until by Nick Cave at Carriageworks (p28) and have scoured the country to bring you the best in Australian furniture (p40). Profiles in this issue include Armadillo & Co (p44) where we discover…

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1– Murray Fredericks Murray Fredericks is an artist and photographer who works with the urban and natural environments. Whether commissioned as an architectural photographer or working on his own landscape projects, Fredericks’ interest lies in the way space, and its representation, affects the human experience. Represented by Robert Mann Gallery New York, Hamiltons Gallery London and Arc One Melbourne, his work is held in major public and private collections worldwide. Commercially, he works for leading architects and clients in associated industries. 2– Peter Clarke Peter Clarke is a photographer with over 20 years’ experience in his field. His collaborative approach and strong vision have seen his unique graphic style applied to a wide range of industries, including architecture, construction, mining and aviation. 3– Dianna Snape With a passion for the built environment, Dianna Snape has…

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idea 2018 wrap-up

On Friday 23 November last year the IDEA 2018 gala party was held at the beautiful Centennial Homestead in Sydney’s Centennial Park. The 16th iteration of IDEA was an outstanding success with more than 600 of Australia’s foremost designers and architects in attendance. On arrival, drinks and canapés were provided to the assembled crowd who mingled on the terrace outside the main venue while enjoying the mellow music of Tom’s Jazz Fest. Soon it was time for the proceedings to begin and managing director of Niche, Paul Lidgerwood, welcomed the guests to the seated area under the large marquee and then introduced the host for the evening, Peter Colquhoun. The event was fast-paced with 14 categories and five special awards to announce. The 2018 awards was the largest in the history of IDEA…

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idea 2019 jury

01- Jeff Copolov Director, Bates Smart Jeff brings his classically modern, timeless approach to design, with a reputation for producing highly refined, carefully targeted design solutions. He regularly works with architectural colleagues from the outset and oversees the entire design process to craft buildings from the inside out. Jeff is known for his close-knit relationships with clients and his commitment to a highly collaborative and holistic design approach that he applies consistently to create benchmark projects. Jeff has been awarded a number of prestigious accolades throughout his career and received the IDEA Gold Medal in 2013. 02- Dan Cox Director, Carr Dan leads the design team at Carr, driving growth across its workplace and hospitality sectors. He has forged an enviable reputation for creating clever, considered and, sometimes, provocative spaces, which reflect identity…

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Studio Joy Works: Rick Joy Nothing is ever compromised in a Rick Joy design; everything, absolutely everything is perfect. Although he is known for his rammed earth houses predominantly in Arizona, this collection includes work more broadly spread and realised. Characterised by a unique grasp on scale, view and the human experience, the shifts in material and utility simply serve to show Joy as a true master of form. Where the amount of view Joy brings into a home would overwhelm most interiors, the Joy scale is exceptional and, in being so, it allows vast vistas to be balanced by a low pair of chairs, a stone banquette running the room’s parameter or enormous timber clad apertures. Position in the landscape is of particular importance with Sun Valley house, for example,…

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nick cave —until

There is a fearlessness to Cave’s work that allows the audience a certain liberation, an ability or invitation to gaze on what we perceive as other. The Soundsuits, for example, hiding gender, politics, colour or any of a number or other excluding or defining parameters, are beautifully compelling in movement, energy and engagement. That the works were initially a response to the beating of African American Rodney King in 1991 by the Los Angeles police, and the 1992 riots that followed when the police were acquitted, is only understood with research. And it is here that Cave is at his best, providing those in the audience with a means to pose their own questions and realise their own answers. Until, a play on the expression, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and its…