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International Figure Skating August 1, 2015

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summer sizzlers

Synchronized skating fans around the globe had the wind taken out of their sails on June 8 when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the event roster for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and the sport was not on the list. The IOC has capped the number of athletes at 2,900 for all future Olympic Games, which will make it even harder for synchronized skating to be added any time soon, given the number of athletes involved. A rumor that circulated in early May about ice dance being dropped from the Olympic program turned out to be just that. The International Skating Union (ISU) acted quickly, issuing a press release denying that the discipline would be eliminated from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games format. On the other end of the spectrum, fans celebrated…

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competitive fire burns bright

“I want to push the sport forward and become a versatile skater, as opposed to just a technical skater.” Patrick Chan recalled that long-gone era of innocence as a wondrous time in his life — when anything and everything seemed possible. “A lot of great memories. I’d say I enjoyed skating more,” he said in reflection. “I wasn’t stressed out then, it is what it is when you’re young. You have no pressures when you’re younger — no expectations and no responsibilities, right? “It’s all about learning experiences. You’re a sponge at that age, just coming onto the international stage. You just soak in everything and learn from your peers and your teammates, and that’s great. That’s the best part of competing at a younger age.” Seven years later, Chan can now look back…

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an unstoppable force

At the beginning of last season, few would have predicted that Elizaveta Tuktamysheva would rule the ladies figure skating world. One year earlier, she had faded to 10th at Russian nationals and failed to earn a berth on the Olympic team. A few months later, she suffered a broken foot. “I accepted the situation right way. I am an established personality, even in the sense that I went through many things in my life already. People have tragedies in life that are much worse than what I faced. Other people suffer losses that cannot be replaced. Someone has an accident; others lose loved ones. “I went through this myself,” she said in reference to the death of her father in 2011. “Looking at this, what does it mean not to compete at…

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LAST SEASON was a mix of highs and lows for Jason Brown. After claiming silver at Skate America, he fell short in Russia and failed to earn a berth to the Final. He won his first national title and landed in fourth at the World Championships. Here is what the 20-year-old had to say. Last season had its challenges. Can you talk about the highs and lows? I am on this skating journey, and there are going to be ups and downs. I try to look at every event as a learning experience. It was a very rocky, up-and-down season. There were some amazing highs and some rough lows, but each one taught me something new and taught me something as a skater. I felt that every event I went to was…

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dancing in a new direction

FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, MARIE-FRANCE DUBREUIL AND PATRICE LAUZON enjoyed success on the international ice dance stage. Long before they ended their competitive career in 2008, the duo had a dream to create an elite training center in Canada. Shortly after retiring from the professional circuit, they fulfilled that dream — and while it was not the immediate success that they had hoped for, it has now become a magnet for elite ice dancers from all over the world. The concrete jungle of Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighborhood is a gradually gentrifying area of low-rent apartment buildings and corner stores that compete for space with a growing number of upscale patisseries and trendy bistros. The area seems more suited to a boxing gym than a world-class ice dance facility. But Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice…

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the spinning game

SPINS HAVE BECOME INTEGRAL to and a valuable point-earning aspect of figure skating programs under the current judging system. From Biellmanns to pancakes, skaters are continually coming up with new positions, always testing variations of basic spins to set themselves apart from their competitors. Skaters on the competitive circuit last season pushed the boundaries with their flexibility and innovation.…