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International Figure Skating August 2020

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staying positive and looking ahead

Over the past two months we have all been part of a changing world, with most people around the globe forced to adjust and adapt to a new way of living. While some cities in North America are still in lockdown, others have moved into a scaled down version of what they once were. Asian countries are on the rebound as are many European nations. Those in the South Pacific fared better than most, with fewer cases of COVID-19 and a shorter isolation requirement. But for the most part, figure skaters, coaches, choreographers and trainers kept moving right along. With rinks closed, it was time to get creative and many turned to Zoom or FaceTime to stay in touch with their students and/or clients, to conduct exercise classes and, in some…

15 min
a new era unfolds for carolina kostner

For more than 15 years, Carolina Kostner has been one of the world’s most beloved skaters. The Italian star hit the headlines in 2005 when she captured her first World medal (bronze). In the ensuing decade, Kostner would go on to win five more World Championship medals and stand on the podium at 11 consecutive European Championships, claiming the top step five times. In 2012, Kostner made history as the first Italian lady to win a global title. In her four appearances at the Olympic Winter Games between 2006 and 2018, she captured just one medal, bronze in 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Carolina Kostner stepped away from the competitive scene following the 2018 World Championships in Milan, Italy. She performed in a handful of shows that year but ongoing hip problems forced her…

18 min
keegan messing a season like no other

Last season was an emotional roller coaster for Canada’s Keegan Messing, but the 28-year-old from Anchorage, Alaska, is now looking ahead to the upcoming season with high expectations and renewed vigor. Surrounded by wide-open spaces with a backdrop of beautiful mountains, Messing took the time during the lockdown to reflect on the loss of his brother, his skating career and what lies ahead in his future. What did you do during quarantine when you could not train? I kept myself busy, but I did get a bit bored. Alaska took a pretty rapid response to the coronavirus and is doing fairly well. They shut schools down and put in a mandatory two-week quarantine on anyone coming into the state, and I think that was something that definitely helped slow the curve. We also have…

14 min
shae-lynn bourne creating magic in a new world

Tired of the long, harsh winters, Shae-Lynn Bourne, a 10-time Canadian and the 2003 World ice dance champion, headed south in early 2019 to ply her craft in warmer climes. The world-renowned choreographer, who produced the long program that Yuzuru Hanyu performed to win the 2018 Olympic title, and a trio of short programs over as many years for two-time World champion Nathan Chen, left her South Carolina base last December and moved to Southern California. It was, she said, the right move at the right time for herself and her family. While much of North America remained in lockdown mode through the early spring months to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shae-Lynn Bourne remained steadfast in her desire to keep producing new programs for her skating clients.…

13 min
stéphane lambiel an artistic vision for a new generation

Stéphane Lambiel was regarded as not only one of the most elegant and artistic skaters of his era, but one who was the complete package. The Swiss star had it all — jumps, technique and an artistry that seemed to come from his soul. Many of his competitive programs, such as the Flamenco “Poeta,” “The Four Seasons,” and “William Tell Overture” are memorable, as are the innovative show numbers he has presented over the years. And, despite a decade away from the competitive arena, his global fan base has remained steadfast. Like all places in the world, life in Switzerland was brought to a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March. At the time, Lambiel was busy preparing his students for the World Championships in Montréal when he learned the event had been cancelled. “The…

14 min
makes the most of an unexpected spring break

Mariah Bell was disappointed that the 2020 World Championships were cancelled, but she, like every other athlete, understood that the situation that subsequently unfolded was completely out of human control. Always optimistic, she instead chose to see a silver lining, noting that if this were the Olympic year, athletes would not have the time to return to a full training regimen to properly prepare for the 2022 Games. Bell, who turned 24 on April 19, considers herself very fortunate to do what she does, but said the coronavirus pandemic “really put things into perspective.” “You can get emotionally and mentally drained almost faster than you can physically, so this has actually been a great opportunity to completely recharge.” Bell also reflected on the fact that her coach, Adam Rippon, had an injury the…