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apple’s magsafe battery pack will boost your iphone 12,but for how long?

Got an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and you always seem to be running out of battery? Apple has a new accessory to help you out: the MagSafe Battery Pack is on sale for £99 from fave. co/2UbHr21. As the name of the product implies, the battery connects to the iPhone 12 via MagSafe, the magnetic connector on the back of the phone. According to the product description on Apple’s website, the MagSafe Battery Pack “automatically charges, so there’s no need to turn it on or off”. However, you can’t use two MagSafe products at once, so if you’re using the wallet, you’ll need to swap it out Apple does not list the capacity of the battery in the specs – though the image says 1,460mAh with a 7.62 voltage and Wh…

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apple’s app tracking transparency is driving advertisers to android

When Apple released App Tracking Transparency as part of iOS 14.5, it posed a simple question to iPhone users: do you want this app to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites? Less than three months later, a new report says that so many chose no, advertisers are flocking to Android. According to the Wall Street Journal, prices for mobile ads directed at iOS users have fallen since iOS 14.5 arrived, while ad prices have risen for Android-targeted users. The publication estimates that some 70 per cent of users have opted out of ad tracking, causing the rates to plummet. The Journal reports that online advertisers “have lost much of the granular data that made mobile ads on iOS devices effective and justified their prices”. For example, Digitalad agency Tinuiti…

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apple launches free creative ‘today’ sessions on youtube

Apple has announced that it is bringing its Today at Apple sessions to YouTube for all, starting with how to draw yourself as a Peanuts character. The 10-minute class features Mark Evestaff, showrunner of The Snoopy Show on Apple TV+, and storyboard artist Krista Porter. Viewers will need an iPad with the Pages app installed and an Apple Pencil or Pages installed in an iPhone to follow along with the class. Porter uses the crayon tool for the outlines and the ‘fill’ tool to add colour. It also utilizes the sharing and collaborations tools built into Pages. Apple has also posted a Drawing References guide (fave.co/2VEXHJ7) that shows key elements of the Peanuts characters to help guide people through the process. There’s no indication of how many YouTube Today at Apple sessions…

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apple will reportedly stick with ’13’ for the next iphone

One of the only things we don’t know about the next iPhone is what it will be called. Recent reports have suggested that Apple will go with ‘12s’ due to the relative lack of monumental new features, but now it looks like Apple has decided against that route. According to the Economic Daily News, Apple will be naming the new handset the iPhone 13, based on the publications supply chain sources. Previous reports have basically confirmed that there will be four models of iPhone again, so the new line-up should look very similar to the iPhone 12, with an iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Apple hasn’t followed a predictable cadence for its iPhone names since the iPhone 6s, so it’s not surprising that it’s jumping right to…

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the next iphone se

In 2020, after a four-year wait, Apple finally updated the iPhone SE to… the iPhone SE. Hanging on to the same name is a little confusing – Apple differentiates the new model when necessary by calling it the 2nd-generation iPhone SE, but most people either call it the iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone SE 2. Whatever you call it, it’s not very likely to be updated in 2021. It’s also not very likely that Apple will wait another four years to update its most affordable iPhone. We currently expect the new iPhone SE (which may be called the iPhone SE (2022), iPhone SE (3rd-generation), or iPhone SE 3) to be released in the first half of 2022. Here’s a summary of all the latest rumours, leaks and other information we’ve been…

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the iphone 14 might have a 120hz promotion display on all models

While we’re waiting for the iPhone 13 to make an appearance in September, plans for the iPhone 14 are already well underway. And if you’ve been wanting a cheaper iPhone 12 Pro Max, the phone of your dreams might be on the way. By now you’ve already heard that Apple will almost certainly offer its first iPhones with 120Hz ProMotion displays this year. All reports indicate that the faster displays will be exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro models, however. That’s likely due to a variety of reasons – marketing, cost, and battery life – but also because the only supplier for the LTPO TFT OLED displays Apple needs to deliver ProMotion displays is Samsung and yields are reportedly low enough where it wouldn’t be able to supply enough orders to cover…