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Experience the thrills of the Venice Regatta on page 20Venice is, without doubt, one of Italy’s most romantic and historic cities, which is why I’m delighted to welcome you to the new Venice & Veneto Guide, packed with travel advice and inspiration to help you plan your next visit to the city and the captivating region that lies beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor or a first-timer, taking a weekend break or a longer tour; this informative guide has all you’ll need to help you plan your perfect stay. In colourcoded sections, we begin with Venice and the lagoon, taking in its history, sights and culture. We then set our sights on the wider region of Veneto and further afield, with ideas, day trips, getaways and off-the-beaten-track itineraries for you…

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venice by land & water

The water in Venice is inescapable;this tour will take you to places you might not otherwise see;San Samuele;a sculpture in Palazzo Fortuny;the square where Casanova grew up;a typical back street; (Photography by Iain Reid unless otherwise stated)washing lines;fishing hut on the lagoon; city panoramaFrom its very beginnings, Venice has always been an amphibious city. Its fish-shaped body floats on water and it is impossible to think of the city without associating her land with the lagoon and her many canals, water channels and streams. The city rose from the water: many centuries ago people from the Veneto fled from the mainland to the lagoon to seek refuge from their enemies on the sandy islands surrounded by marshland. Venice was built upon hundreds of small, flat islands which were later connected…

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what to see and do

1 INTERPRETI VENEZIANIChiesa San Vidal, 2862/b – Venezia☎ +39 041 277 0561www.interpretiveneziani.comIn a beautiful setting, the deconsecrated church of San Vidal near Campo Santo Stefano, you can attend a performance of the internationally famous musical group Interpreti Veneziani, whose repertoire includes Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart.2 CASANOVA’S VENICEIn San Samuele, you can follow the footsteps of Casanova; here he spent the first years of his life. The Church of San Samuele is where his parents got married, where Giacomo was baptised and where he gave his first one and a half sermons. A few metres away, in Calle Malipiero, once called Calle della Commedia, is the house where he was born. Just a bit farther away, in Corte delle Muneghe, is where he spent most of his childhood with his grandmother.…

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where to stay

6 HOTEL VILLA MABAPARiviera San Nicolò, 16 – Lido di Venezia☎ +39 041 526 0590www.villamabapa.comLido is a great place to stay overnight, away from the crowds and in a perfect position to easily reach the destinations of our itineraries. The Hotel Villa Mabapa is a gracious villa, built as a private residence in a late Art Nouveau style at the end of the 1920s. It is located in a tranquil setting with a large, pretty garden facing Venice and the lagoon and it has been managed by the same family for four generations. Period antique furnishings and decorations, original furniture and antique paintings create an elegant hotel. The restaurant offers fresh local seafood, exquisite presentation and impeccable service.7 THE GRITTI PALACECampo Santa Maria del Giglio, Venezia☎ +39 041 794611www.thegrittipalace.comThis stunning…

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where to eat

11 ANTICHE CARAMPANERio Terrà della Carampane, 1911 San Polo, Venezia☎ +39 041 524 0165www.antichecarampane.comAn old and historical trattoria offering excellent traditional Venetian dishes. The wine cellars too favour local wines, with special attention being given to natural wines (those without added sulphites) and wines that have been organically produced.€€€€12 ENOTECA AL VOLTOCalle Cavalli, San Marco, 4081 – Venezia☎ +39 041 522 8945This wine bar located near Rialto, just after Campo Manin, is one of the oldest in Venice. It offers a huge choice of wines, and great primi and cicchetti based on traditional Venetian cuisine.€ €13 OSTARIA DAI ZEMEISan Polo, 1045/b – Venezia☎ +39 041 520 8596www.ostariadaizemei.itAgain near Rialto, on the way to San Polo. Zemei is the Venetian dialect word for the Italian word gemelli, which means ‘twins’ (as…

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the cinderella of venice

I turn my back on Santa Maria della Salute and Punta della Dogana, and cross the narrow bridge over Rio della Salute, disappearing into the dark alleyways of Dorsoduro itselfSanta Maria della Salute rises up above me, gleaming in the early morning light. You can’t really say you’ve seen Venice unless you’ve taken in this huge white church across the lagoon from St Mark’s. As Henry James remarked, she stands at the entrance to the Grand Canal “like some great lady on the threshold of her salon”, all buttresses, domes and scrolls. Yet many people don’t take the Number 1 vaporetto or the traghetto over here. True, the old lady photographs well enough from the other side. But visitors miss out by not crossing over – not just on an…