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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

January 2021

Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

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United States
Cricket Media, Inc.
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1 minuti
max and kate

Kate has invited Max and Charlie to go camping . . . in her living room! They have real tents and sleeping bags. “I made a pretend fire,” says Kate with a laugh. She shows them a painted cardboard campfire. “It looks great,” says Max. “But does that mean we are going to eat cardboard food?” “Are you ready to eat already?” Kate’s daddy laughs. “Let’s all sing some campfire songs first!” The doorbell rings. Kate’s mommy comes in with pizza. “I ordered barbecue flavor!” she says. After pizza and more songs, Max and Charlie fall fast asleep. As Kate flops into her sleeping bag, she yawns and whispers, “Night night, campers!”…

1 minuti
the silver bears

I have two very special friends.Their fur is silver, so it blendswith all the snow that Winter sends. They ride the North Wind as it blowsfrom deep within the Land of Snows,to nip your fingers, ears, and nose. These friendly bears are very shyAnd blow the snow into the skySo they can play and hide nearby. They storm your fort. He hops your sled.She juggles snowballs overhead.They dance and prance while you’re in bed. On nights when you’re just lying there,And wind is howling everywhere,Don’t get upset and don't despair— It’s probably just a silver bear!…

2 minuti
snow pony

Asher had rolled enough balls to make a snowman, but he couldn’t stack them. “Dad! It’s too heavy for me!” Asher called. Dad was pulling Becky on the sled. He came over, stamping and neighing like a pony. He dropped the sled rope and helped Asher wrestle the middle ball up into place. “Pony, pony!” Becky called to Dad. Dad said, “In a minute! Asher, where’s the head?” While they were busy, Becky climbed on the snowman. Before they could stop her, Becky and the snowman both tumbled over in a heap. “Becky!” Asher shouted. “I was working on that!” Dad patted Asher’s shoulder. “Shall we try to put it back together?” Asher scooped up an angry snowball. He threw it as hard as he could, smack against the side of the maple tree. When he was ready,…

2 minuti
pony-ride pal

What You’ll Need: 3 pieces of construction paper in one color (for pony) 1 piece of construction paper in a different color (for mane) empty wrapping paper roll long piece of yarn 2 buttons (optional) pencil marker ruler glue tape scissors What to Do: 1. Lasso up a grownup to lend a helping hand and a helping foot. With a pencil, trace the biggest grownup feet in your home onto the pony paper. These will be the sides of your pony’s face. Now trace the smallest kid hands in your home onto another pony paper, with fingers together. These will be the ears. 2. Cut out the shapes. Fold each ear in half longways. 3. Tape or glue the short side of the last pony paper to the wrapping paper roll. Let a little paper…

1 minuti
quilt music

My mother is a composer. She writes music. My father is a quilter. He sews quilts. My mother writes music with notes. Long notes and short notes. Slow notes and fast notes. My father sews quilts with cloth and thread. Long pieces and short pieces. Big pieces and little pieces. My mother writes music for different instruments. Blaring trumpets and booming drums. Whispering flutes and laughing clarinets. Rumbling tubas and clanging cymbals. My father sews quilts with different colors and shapes. Red squares and blue circles. Green triangles, purple stars, and yellow moons. My mother connects the notes with a steady, even beat. She taps her foot and nods her head as she writes. Up—down—up—down—up—down. My father connects the circles, squares, and triangles with steady, even stitches. He nods his head as his needle moves. Up—down—up—down—up—down. My…

1 minuti
nap time

Lion cubs lie by a tree, in the shade, quietly. Lizards stretch out one by one, on the rocks, to soak up sun. Bunnies cuddle underground in cozy dens with friends around. Puppies plop down anywhere, grass or dirt, they don’t care. Turtles hide their hands and doze and gently pull in tails and toes. Monkeys snore up in the trees, their leafy beds rock in the breeze. Robins tuck their beaks to sleep in shoulder feathers buried deep. Kitties curl upon your lap, purring and pawing while they nap. Now choose the creature that you’ll be, and pick a bed, from den to tree. Naps are short and normal things, and grow small lions into kings.…