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Landscape Magazine June 2020

LandScape magazine is a breath of fresh air, capturing the very best of every season. Every two months, join us to: - Celebrate the joy of the garden - Learn simple seasonal recipes - Enjoy traditional British crafts - Wonder at the beauty of nature and the countryside The magazine is a haven from the pressures of modern living; a chance to slow down... and most importantly, a reminder of the good things in life. Take time to appreciate everything that nature creates and inspires.

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dear reader...

SMELL IS A powerful and evocative sense. The aroma of a favourite cake baking in the oven or the comforting smell of warm bread represent thoughts of home, often invoking memories of childhood or comforting recollections of the family kitchen. Others are bound in our minds with favourite places, such as salty sea air at the seaside or the earthy smell of a shaded woodland floor, bringing back memories of favourite holidays or cooling walks on a summer’s day. Nothing embodies the month of June like the scent of a rose: tight buds opening to reveal layers of delicate silken petals; their subtle aroma gently leading us into summer. Leaning in to sniff the ruffled pink petals of an Old Rose, ‘Coupe d’Hébé’, in my own garden transports me back to my grandmother’s…

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while we are at home

Here at LandScape, we are working hard to bring you each issue of this beautiful magazine to ensure our readers have much to read and enjoy, including inspirational garden features, delicious recipes to make and craft ideas to try, all acompanied by uplifting words and photographs. In the event of any difficulty in acquiring the magazine, LandScape will do its best to ensure issues will still be available on digital platforms or please consider downloading the app from the iOS or Android app stores. There are some superb one-off subscription offers in place, with discounts of up to 50 per cent. Alternatively, single issues can be purchased. Kindle Fire users can download magazines from the Amazon Newsstand. In the event of subscription deliveries being affected, please visit www.greatmagazines., where clear…

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readers’ letters

Nature’s uplifting decorations Like so many regular readers, I am lifted by the arrival of a new magazine dropping through the letter box. Each edition provides so much inspiration with the features and photographs. Despite the sometimes harsh conditions of the seasons, nature’s miracle never fails to impress, and this winter’s display of the Garrya elliptica in my garden is no exception. Anne Harris, Bristol Stitched in soothing hues I am an embroidery and textile artist who creates landscape-inspired textile pieces using cotton fabrics and embroidery. This piece in particular was inspired by the gorgeous green fabrics which really speak to me of sunshine and clouds passing over vivid green mountains; something that I have followed through in the foreground with metallic gold thread and golden beads. It is definitely a piece to brighten…

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our landscape

CURLED IN STRANDS OF SILVER These charming cufflinks are made from sterling silver, shaped into a pair of long-woolled Wensleydale sheep. The fleece consists of a 4m long piece of fine silver wire, carefully coiled by hand. The face and trotters are created by oxidising the silver. Each piece is handmade in Northern Ireland by experienced silversmiths. Silver Wensleydale Sheep Cufflinks £159, A SEA OF BLUSHING PINK Commonly found in wild, coastal areas, astride rocky cliffs or in salt marshes and grassland, sea thrift, Armeria maritima , grows in abundance during June, with dense tussocks of bright, sugar-pink blooms. The globular flower heads perch on stalks that can reach up to 12in (30cm) in height, rising above dark green, needle-like leaves. Its largely coastal habit is a result of its tolerance to saline…

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reclaimed treasures in an island garden

ON THE NORTH-WEST coast of the Isle of Mull, an oasis of lush planting stands proudly amid the mass of bracken and gorse that surrounds it. Situated a stone’s throw from the sea, overlooking the picturesque Loch Tuath and the Isle of Ulva, this is the garden of Lip na Cloiche. The name means ‘edge of the rock’ in Gaelic, describing its position perfectly. The house nestles on a steep and rocky hillside, into which its owner, Lucy Mackenzie Panizzon, has created a piece of paradise; carving her garden into a terrain which can best be described as challenging. But the views from here are spectacular. “To me, that is the most important thing,” says Lucy, standing at the top of the hill looking down on Lip na Cloiche. “I would…

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a selection of lucy’s favourite plants

Himalayan blue poppy, meconopsis ‘Lingholm’ These beautiful perennial poppies bear large, bowl-shaped flowers, which are sky blue in colour, with golden centres. They bloom from May to July and look most effective planted in large groups. Height 39in (1m); spread 20in (50cm). Tree daisy, Olearia arborescens A large-growing, bushy evergreen shrub, with glossy foliage. Clusters of small, white, daisy-like flowers are borne in early summer. Height and spread to 13ft (4m). Giant viper’s bugloss, Echium pininana A spectacular evergreen biennial plant, with long, lance-shaped leaves. Rosette-forming, in its second year, it sends up towering spires of up to 12ft (4m) in length, bearing thousands of tiny purple-blue flowers. It is both bee and butterfly friendly. This plant should be handled with gloves, as tiny hairs on the leaves and stem are an irritant, and the…