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Le Grand Mag No. 30 April 2017

LE GRAND MAG - THE EXTREMELY WELL LIVING MAGAZINE celebrates the values of the high life, a global guide to the ultimate and extraordinary. One unique platform to reach the most privilege high-level target consumer. LE GRAND MAG is sold in 32 international airports around the world (London, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva, Miami, Los Angeles, among others…). Its digital platform distributes more than 500,000 digital magazine in the global luxury capitals.

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United Kingdom
Le Grand Mag Global Media Company
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glamour by british illustrator

www.jason-brooks.com The superfly world of Jason Brooks has proven to be an ideal vehicle to promote a wide range of luxury and lifestyle brands. Clients include top contenders Chanel, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Guerlain, L’Oreal, Ritz Hotels, Verve Clicquot, Coca Cola, Audi, Mont Blanc and Mercedes Benz. Brooks is most famously known for his works with the record label Hed Kandi. He did over 100 illustrations for their albums, which sold over 6,000,000 records. Born in 1968 in Rotherham, U.K., the fashion illustrator obtained an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design and now works and lives in London. He has experience in a range of areas including advertising campaigns, live events, editorial illustrations, portraits, storyboards, publishing, licensing, packaging and animation.…

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erotica and philosophy by a creative duo

‘’WE THINK THAT WE LIVE IN TIME OF HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR SELF-REALIZATION. There is no dogma and no fashion dictates”.ALEKSEY & MARINA When Art and Photography is created by two people together, it has a different sort of affirmation. Art has no words, neither a necessary meaning. Talented art duet Aleksey & Marina - photographer Aleksey Kozlov and fashion designer Marina Khlebnikova - from St. Petersburg, Russia, specialise on art photos and aren’t limited with particular topics. They have worked together since the mid-90’s, gradually their model-photographer collaboration grew into a co-authorship of two talented artists. In 1989 Alexei Kozlov’s first appearance in mass media was the result of his shining victory at the first National Erotic Photo Pageant. Since 1998 they have been working on the joint project “Photopainting” -…

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mert alas & marcus piggott

THERE ARE SOME PHOTOGRAPHERS THAT ARE SYNONYMOUS WITH HIGH FASHION, LIKE MARIO TESTINO, MARIO SORRENTI, TERRY RICHARDSON, AND OF COURSE, PHOTOGRAPHY DUO MERT AND MARCUS. mertandmarcus.tumblr.com Fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, known for their Vogue shoots, started working together in 1994 and have since traveled the world, collaborating on fashion campaigns and working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and fashion worlds, from Naomi Campbell to Miley Cyrus to Kate Moss in her cover for Playboy. In a field as oversaturated as fashion photography, Mert & Marcus have done the impossible: they’ve developed an invaluable style that’s uniquely their own. With a list of clients and collaborators that reads like a who’s who of fashion, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are two of the most in-demand photographers working…

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italian lens artist

www.gianguidorossi.com Define Gianguido Rossi only as a photographer might be limited and it would be better to call him an artist. Backed by over ten years of experience in the fashion industry, he photographed for the most prestigious magazines, as well as various promotional campaigns. “From an early age I have always been deeply fascinated by female universe and I have always tried to tell it in all its infinite shades: photography, moreover, has always been the perfect language with which I can express my artistic ideas” - says Gianguido Rossi.…

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dennis basso f/w 2017

WHEN DENNIS BASSO WAS ONLY 7 YEARS OLD, HE SKETCHED A WOMAN IN A WEDDING GOWN AND SCRIBBLED WHAT HIS CREATION WOULD COST -- A MERE $500,000. On a wall in Dennis Basso‘s atelier hangs a sketch of a wedding gown, lovingly drawn and complete with a veil. It was the designer’s first creation, imagined when Basso was just seven years old — a promise of extraordinary things to come. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, the New Jersey native began his career humbly in the early 80’s. Three decades later, Basso has flagship stores around the world, from New York to Moscow. His silhouettes and designs are seen on the most fashionable and socially influential women in the world, no matter their generation. A piece from the Basso…

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perfume as an art form

www.moresqueparfum.com Perfume has been cherished as seen as a luxury for centuries. Ancient Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians were among the first to distill flowers, oils and plants to scent themselves and their surroundings. The fact that ancient civilisations kept records of how their perfumes were made suggests that subtle distinctions were made between different concoctions, and that some ingredients were prized more than others. Speaking about exclusive ingredients, we must mention Moresque Parfum, born from a marriage of Italian Style and Arabic Charm - a boutique artisanal brand with exclusive collections destined to people who choose wear exclusive and original scents that are available in limited quantity. It is a relatively new Italian niche brand that was launched in 2015. The company is very strict in using higher concentrations of perfume…