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Love Crochet December 2018

Love Crochet magazine is packed with great ideas to hook! From homeware and baby makes to accessories and fashion, we have cute and quirky seasonal makes throughout the year – for every skill level!

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Have the sherry at the ready! Because your Christmas issue of Love Crochet has landed! And we have so many projects to get you in a festive frame of mind… Your fabulous, Christmas special is packed with decorations including a popcorn garland and mini trees set on page 42, pretty bauble (p.31), and beautiful wreath (p.74). We also have sweet toy ideas such as an adorable Father Christmas over on page 12; very cute, carolling snow mum and child (p.18); and on page 32, a gorgeous, drumming teddy. Plus, this issue we also have a mini book with 32 pages of crochet Christmas gift ideas – perfect presents with a personal touch. Enjoy! And happy crochet Christmas, all! Editor PS. The next issue of Love Crochet is on sale on 28th December 2018. If…

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chritmas crochet

Last year, there were elves – and they were everywhere! If you didn’t understand why, it was all to do with a book called Elf on the Shelf. The idea is that parents put the little elf on a shelf at the beginning of December and it will watch the children and report back to Father Christmas to tell him if the children have been good – or not! The elf needs to be put in different places each day to give the illusion that it moved by itself. If you would like to make ER IPJ ]SY GER ?RH E JVII HS[RPSEHEFPI pattern for a girl elf (it’s easy to change its features and hair to a boy elf) at The doll is crocheted in Lily Sugar ‘n…

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shopping hooked

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Top of th Blogs! Donna is really into ‘mindful crochet’. With her busy day job in a hospice, she appreciates the way crochet calms our minds and relaxes our bodies, both of which help to maintain mental and physical health. Donna designs the cutest amigurumi critters, which she sells as fnished items, but the patterns are for sale, too (go to page 82 to see her Peter the Penguin design). Donna also teaches crochet in the Southampton area – visit her Facebook page, via the link from her site, for dates if you're in the area. WE love Creative crafting At The Creative Craft Show in Manchester you'll fnd plenty of opportunity to indulge your passion for crochet and yarn. Ask an expert for advice, hone your skills at a workshop and shop for…

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here comes santa!

You will need ▪ DMC Natura Just Cotton, 1 ball each in: Nacar shade (N35) – Yarn A Ibiza (shade N01) – Yarn B Passion (shade N23) – Yarn C Noir (shade N11) – Yarn D ▪ 2.5mm (UK 12 or 13, US C/2 or B/1) crochet hook ▪ Y arn needle ▪ S ewing needle and invisible thread (or matching colour thread) ▪ T oy stuffng ▪ 2 x 5mm safety eyes ▪ 2 x 8mm black buttons ▪ 1 cm diameter bell Measurements ▪ Approx. 19cm (7½in) tall Tension ▪ Tension is not critical for this project but stitches should be tight so that stuffng does not show through Abbreviations ▪ For standard abbreviations see page 90 C oming soon, down a chimney near you, it’s our very jolly Father Christmas! We love the traditional look of this festive fellow – dressed head…

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pretty in pink

Cosy mittens are a winter must-have, so get hooking this beautiful pair. Val’s design uses post treble stitches to create the textured pattern, so you’ll need a good understanding of treble crochet before tackling this project. You will need ▪ Rico Baby Classic DK, 2 balls in Fuchsia (shade 012) ▪ 3.5mm (UK E/4) hook ▪ 4mm (UK 8, US G/6) hook Measurements ▪ 8S ?X EZIVEKI PEHMIW? LERH ▪ ;MHXL EVSYRH TEPQ ETTVS\ 22cm (8Ωin) Tension ▪ 8IRWMSR MW RSX GVMXMGEP JSV XLMW TVSNIGX Abbreviations ▪ 864 XVIFPI VSYRH TSWX ]VL MRWIVX LSSO JVSQ VMKLX XS PIJX YRHIVRIEXL XLI TSWX SJ RI\X XV SV HG SRI VS[ FIPS[ ]VL ERH TYPP PSST XLVSYKL ]VL TYPP XLVSYKL X[S PSSTW X[MGI ▪ *SV WXERHEVH EFFVIZMEXMSRW WII TEKI About this yarn Rico Baby Classic DK 50% polyamide, 50% acrylic 165m per 50g 1EGLMRI [EWL EX ¢' £2.79, for stockists…