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hitting 300

NOW IS UNDOUBTEDLY a good time to celebrate. And if you’re one of our loyal readers who have been saving every issue of Martha Stewart Living since the very beginning, it’s also a good time to reinforce your shelving. This volume marks our 300th in print, and it’s serendipitous that it happens in December. Since Living started, nearly 30 years ago (an anniversary we’ll celebrate with you throughout next year), our holiday publications have always been extra-special for our readers by design, so consider this one extra-extra. True to Martha fashion, our pages are brimming with ideas to put into action and elevate your life. You’ll find lots of inspiration for decking the halls, whether you want to go for the gold (page 45), set things a-twinkle (page 108), or make…

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out & about

ON THE ROAD DECKED HALLS These hotels put on such yuletide pageantry, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a reindeer saunter through the lobby. At the Woodstock Inn & Resort, in Vermont, kids will get a sugar rush at first sight of the nearly seven-foot-tall gingerbread house, made from 136 pounds of dough ( Here, more magnificent homes for the holidays. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Twenty-five twinkling trees dress up the Jefferson Hotel this month. Gather around the tallest one—a majestic 33-foot-tall evergreen—for the annual lighting ceremony on December 2. AVON, COLORADO Curl up by a grand wood-burning fireplace with a steaming mug of cider at the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, and watch skiers zip down the mountains at Beaver Creek through floor-to-ceiling PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Trimmed to the nines with eight thousand gleaming ornaments and twelve thousand feet…

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holidays on ice

Planning a holiday party doesn’t have to be complicated. The trick is to serve a pared-down but special-feeling menu. One of my favorites, which I serve at my annual open house in Bedford, is a delicious fresh-seafood buffet of oysters and shrimp, accompanied by a bar stocked with icy-cold whites, a delectable rosé, and a sparkling wine or two. As a young married woman in New York City, I experienced such a buffet at the town house of some friends before a performance of the Messiah at Carnegie Hall. It occurred to me at the time that our hostess was a genius to focus on such a limited yet tasty and refined menu. We ate our fill, then trekked to the concert sated and happy. When preparing this spread, make sure…

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the party pine

EDITORS’ PICKS If your first thought upon receiving an Italian Christmas bread—be it a plain pandoro like the one in our tree, or a fruit- or candy-studded panettone—is regift, then maybe you just haven’t met the right loaf. Martha loves the panettone at Via Quadronno, in New York City (from $28, Our food editors also dig From Roy’s buttery double-chocolate panettone, peppered with milk and semisweet chunks ($60,; and Gustiamo’s light, fluffy, made-in-Padua pandoro ($70, To make sugared cranberries: Bring 2 cups each sugar and water to a boil, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Let cool, then pour over 2 cups fresh cranberries; refrigerate overnight. Drain, then roll berries in sanding sugar to evenly coat. Spread in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and let dry, about…

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24-karat magic

GOLDEN GLOBES With a display this winning, who needs string lights? Our tree is illuminated by shining spheres, from the baubles in its branches to the giant sequins lying beneath. (For details on the skirt, see the following page.) The mix of finishes on the ornaments—from mirrored and yellow to matte and deep bronze—gives it rich texture, while wooden and wool accents keep it down-to-earth. THE DETAILS: Silvertip tree, from $110 (plus shipping), Hawkins New York glass globe ornaments, from $6 each, Sheep Farm Felt Neutral Luxe handmade felt ball garland, $24, BEADED BAUBLES You’ll need gold leather cord and round wooden beads in two or three sizes, plus gold spray paint to coat a few beads, if desired. 1. THREAD + WRAP Paint beads, if desired; let dry. (We used 12-millimeter, ¾-inch,…

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freshly pressed

DIY IDEA NO. 1 THE HAT TRICK Cover round boxes with marbled paper, and lucky recipients get chic organizers they can put to good use and proudly display. Tucking more presents inside is purely optional: A nested set this striking holds its own on opening day. For the how-to, see page 144. THE DETAILS: Factory Direct Craft paper-mache round box set, $14 for 7, Hollander’s papers, in assorted patterns, from $4.50 a sheet for 22" by 30", M&J Trimming velvet ribbon, ⅝", in Dark Green, $1.75 a yd., Mod Podge Matte, from $2 for 2 oz., DIY IDEA NO. 2 WILD THINGS Wield your sharpest scissors, and an illustrated poster can enliven every package under your tree. Neatly cut out pretty flora and fauna, then paste them directly onto petite…