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care package

“IT’S GOOD TO BE KING” is a common refrain in my home, and it’s always in reference to my 5-year-old son, who, we joke, gets the royal treatment. My husband and I strive to teach him daily to make his bed and pick out his own clothes (and preferably put them on in less time than it takes to bake a loaf of bread), but naturally he needs a lot of help. He’s little and learning, so as parents we cook for him, clean for him, and make sure he’s filling up on fruits and vegetables, and forgoing too much sugar and screen time. We see to it that he gets to bed early, and rises to a healthy breakfast and enough runway to land a (relatively) stress-free, on-time arrival…

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out & about

ON THE ROAD NO SKIS NEEDED Imagine zooming over a pristine, powdery crevasse at up to 28 miles per hour without clicking into a single boot or binding. That’s the beauty of the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster in Colorado’s Aspen Snowmass (right). Each car has its own brakes, so you can carefully finesse hairpin turns and soar down steep drops ( Here, three more mountain highs. CORTLAND, NEW YORK Swap slopes for ropes: The zip-line tour at Hope Lake Lodge and Greek Peak Mountain Resort sends you gliding between treetops 65 feet above the ground. Look down (if you dare) while racing a friend to the finish. PARK CITY, UTAH Book dinner at Deer Valley Resort’s Empire Canyon Lodge, where creamy raclette cheese and chocolate fondues are melted to order in five floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. TETON VILLAGE,…

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Heartfelt Sweets DIY Valentines One-Pot Meals Easy Kitchen Upkeep Organizing Tips Crowd-Pleasing Bites Let’s Keep in Touch! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. @marthastewart @marthastewart @marthaliving KATE MATHIS (CUPCAKES); JULIA GARTLAND (SALMON); PERNILLE LOOF (DESK); LENNART WEIBULL (TIES); ADDIE JUELL (KITCHEN); KANA OKADA (DIP)…

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objects of affection

SO MANY POEMS, PLAYS, AND SONGS have been written about Valentine’s Day. Geoffrey Chaucer connected the day to the mating of birds in early spring. Shakespeare referenced it in Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And in the 18th century, the nursery rhyme “The Valentine” was first published in Gammer Gurton’s Garland, inspiring endless variations on its opening lines: “The rose is red, the violet’s blue, the honey’s sweet, and so are you.” For me, the day has always been an opportunity to express love and close friendship. I craft homemade presents for those dearest to me, and send cards to friends and relatives—and even a few flirtatious ones for a little fun. This year, I gave something extra-special to my grandson, Truman; my granddaughter, Jude; my daughter, Alexis; and my…

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huddle up

The Beats Go On What makes these hearts so awesome? They have two chambers of surprise treats inside! Fill a pair of reusable Easter eggs with mini toys or candy. Stick them together with a dot of hot glue, wrap crepe paper around them a few times, and tuck a V of rolled-up crepe paper into the bottom for the point. Then keep wrapping, adding flat goodies like stickers as you go. Secure the tail with tape, and it’s ready to rock and (un)roll. THE DETAILS: Martha Stewart Crafts decorative egg boxes, $10 for 3, Birthday in a Box solid crepe streamers, in Red and Pink, $1 for 81 ft., Mrs. Grossman’s micro heart stickers, $2.25 for 3 sheets; Chubby Ladybug stickers, $2.25 for 3 sheets; and Just Desserts Reflections…

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inner happiness

CREATURE COMFORTS 1. SINK IN AND STAY AWHILE These feather-and-down-filled poufs implore you to do just that. The nubby, neutral cushions are crafted by artisans in Argentina and Guatemala from dense, durable organic sheep’s wool. From top: Sien + Co Puna handwoven pillow, in Ivory, $245; Molt Studio handmade wool shag pillow, in Spice, $160; and Sien + Co Campo pillow, in Ivory with Gold Stripe, $235, 2. PAD AROUND YOUR PAD Unlike slip-ons that leave your heels out in the cold, Glerups felted wool slippers fully cocoon your feet. $95, 3. FIND A NEW FLAME Bellocq Tea Atelier candles are infused with the aromas of the artisanal Brooklyn teamaker’s specialty blends (lemongrass and sage, mint and cedar) and emit a glow in gleaming brass. $86 each, 4. GET WARMER Flick on Muji’s electric kettle for instant tea:…