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invincible summer

THERE’S NO WAY AROUND IT. These past five homebound weeks in New York City have been difficult in ways I never imagined. The coronavirus pandemic has been both lasting and all-encompassing—and there’s no one in this country who hasn’t been affected by it in some way. My home, the city that never sleeps, has gone quiet for now, except for sirens and one seriously wonderful minute of clapping each night at 7 p.m. for our essential workers. That’s when I see lone faces—or couples or families of them—appear in window frames and smile, and then I remember we’re not alone here after all. Many have left, but I’m glad we stayed. Encouraging signs that the worst might be behind us are starting to show, too, and for that I’m hopeful. In…

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we’re all in this together

At Meredith, publisher of Martha Stewart Living and other well-known magazines, our mission has always been to inform, inspire, and entertain our readers. In this extraordinary and uncertain period, we are, more than ever, dedicated to providing you with honest information, stories of inspiration, and the advice and guidance to help you navigate these turbulent times – and to make your life a little easier. We recognize the sacrifices and challenges you face, and we want you to know that all of us at Meredith, through each of our magazines and digital properties, are committed to serving your needs at this critical time and beyond. We are especially grateful for the dedication and bravery of the first-responders and the everyday heroes on the front lines of this crisis. We wish them, you, and…

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out & about

LOCAL FLAVORS A meal takes on deeper meaning when it tells the story of a place. Maine Food for Thought’s Past, Present, Future tour, in Portland, makes four stops for dishes with drink pairings; you’ll bone up on the area’s fishing industry over seared Atlantic pollack, an abundant catch in the nearby gulf ($85, Here, three other tasty trips you can take through the fall. BIG SUR, CALIF. Explore coastal tide pools and harvest kelp with an aquaculture expert on Marley Family Seaweeds’ foraging walk. Then savor it in steaming ramen, cooked beachside. $71, GREENVILLE, S.C. Join Greenville History & Culinary Tours’ three-stop breakfast jaunt. Bite into cloud-like biscuits and sugar-dusted croissants while learning about the area’s deep roots in textiles. $39, REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL. A string of eateries along the coast gives this…

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brighter days ahead

ONE OF MY GREATEST PLEASURES in life is entertaining family and friends at home—something I’ve truly missed these past few months. In addition to cooking and sharing a wonderful meal, I love to whip up a batch of specialty cocktails to greet guests. I remember a time when it seemed like everyone sipped the same old drinks: Bloody Marys for Sunday brunch, whiskey sours with orange juice and a squeeze of lemon, and margaritas made from a prepared mix and a frozen container of lemonade. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and we’re more adventurous for it. To celebrate the start of summer, Living editorial director of food Sarah Carey and I created two cocktails that highlight the ripest, tastiest fruits available now. We went for fun, refreshing twists on classic…

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inner beauty

EASY ENTERTAINING Summer Crush Nothing cools you off faster than a granita, the Italian shaved-ice delight. This one’s a real catch: It’s uncommonly refreshing and stunningly simple to make. Mix 4 cups coconut water (we like Harmless Harvest for its bella blush tone) and ¼ cup superfine sugar. Freeze in a shallow pan, then scrape up the ice crystals with a fork. Sliced strawberries and toasted unsweetened coconut flakes are the final ingredients for a whirlwind affair. Royal Treat Leave the crown on the pineapple when preparing this tropical dessert, because it’s going to rule your cookout. Peel a whole fruit by running a large, sharp knife down its length, stud it with cloves, roll it in brown sugar and pepper, and bake it while you dine. Then just quarter and serve it à…

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hip to be square

Set the Tones For a table that looks cool and eclectic, stick to a soft palette, and add neutrals. Living home editor Lorna Aragon used these woven place mats in navy, peach, pinks, and subtle gold as a leaping-off point, then punctuated the scene with pops of yellow. Enlist your white or solid-colored dishware as a backdrop to patterned plates; this will give the eye a quiet spot to rest. Round It Up Spirally, textured donut knots make nice napkin holders. Grab some bright paracord (we used the Paracord Planet 550-pound Type III paracord crafting kit, in Blues; $18, You’ll need 10 feet for each one. SHAPE THE RING Hold the paracord in your palm, with the short end (aka the standing end) pointing up. Wrap it loosely around your palm three times, leaving…