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ON THE ROAD SCENIC ROUTES Footbridges are designed to transport you from point A to B, but a select few take their roles way over the top. From the 680-foot-long Gatlinburg SkyBridge, in Tennessee (right), you’ll see eye to eye with the Smokies. If you dare, peer through its glass-bottomed center to the lush valley 140 feet below ( Here, three more floating pathways. COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA & OMAHA, NEBRASKA Straddle a state line on the 3,000-foot Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, which draws an S over the Missouri River and offers panoramic views of Omaha’s skyline. GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA To admire Reedy River from a breathtaking angle, stroll the crescent-shaped Liberty Bridge. A single suspension-cable system tilts it ever so slightly toward the waterfalls below. REDDING, CALIFORNIA Enjoy every moment on the sculptural, Santiago Calatrava–designed Sundial Bridge. Its…

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by heart

SEPTEMBER ALWAYS brings back memories of my school days—and cramming for tests. I was often scrambling between classes, swim practice, and time with friends. Hence the cramming. But as we all know, that approach isn’t much fun—and the total recall of what you try to pick up overnight isn’t so total in the long run. Today, I have a whole new appreciation for learning and enjoying the process, rather than rushing it. Maybe it’s because this pandemic has taught me true patience. (Even a year ago, I was still scrambling, albeit between school drop-offs, the office, meetings, and more meetings; I was cramming it all in.) Or quite possibly it’s because I find myself in a teacher’s role this month, as my son and I embark on first grade in a…

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in fabulous form

When I bought my home in East Hampton in 1990, I renovated it and painted all the walls a bright, creamy white. Once I finished, I realized the house was virtually screaming for color. At that time, there were dozens of small antiques shops on the East End of Long Island, packed with vintage glass, interesting furniture and mirrors, and pottery. It was in one of those eclectic stores that I first encountered designs by McCoy. The company, which was founded in the mid-1800s in Ohio, originally produced utilitarian stoneware items for the home. By the early 1900s, they were making decorative glazed vases, bowls, and garden pots that were widely available at hardware and dime stores. The pieces were fanciful and colorful, yet practical: They came in a variety of sizes…

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curtain call

PROVISIONS Going Places Maybe you’re driving to the office—or maybe your office is down the hall from the kitchen these days. Regardless, our three handheld breakfasts are a boon to both adults and kids on busy mornings. Each is a snap to prepare, deliciously nutritious, and zero mess to eat on the move. Whether you and your crew lean sweet or savory, one of these early-bird specials is sure to satisfy. For the recipes, wander over to page 104. 1 YOGURT POPS Meet the love child of a parfait and an ice cream bar: Greek yogurt, honey, and puréed fruit (we used strawberry, blueberry, and mango) swirled into molds and frozen for an all-ages treat. 2 GRANOLA BARK It’s extra-crunchy and protein-packed, thanks to flaxseeds, almonds, pepitas, and the egg white that binds them all together.…

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power washing

10 WAYS TO WIN THE LAUNDRY GAME 1 FOLLOW THE RULE OF THREE Try to wear jeans, other pants, and loose tops—items that don’t really get sweaty—at least three times before throwing them in the hamper. In between, spritz them with a bacteria-and-germ-killing sanitizer, like Tide antibacterial fabric spray ($7.25,; or a bottle filled with plain old vodka, which is naturally odorless, says textile expert Patric Richardson. Let dry, then place them right back in your closet or drawer. Then, of course, launder underwear, socks, T-shirts, and workout clothes after each wear, says Procter & Gamble scientist Jennifer Ahoni. It actually helps them last longer: “Your body produces skin oils that end up trapped on clothes and break down the fabric,” she says. Skip the dryer to extend their life further…

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finding flow

GARY BODKER DESIGNS, Portland, Oregon The bowls, carafes, and bud vases Gary Bodker creates in his studio are as luminous and serene as rippling water. But when you consider the physically intense process that goes into making them—and it includes a giant electric furnace and a 2,300-degree metal forge—they’re all the more astonishing. A New Jersey native, Bodker studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and found the spark for his simple, organic style on a trip to Japan. “I saw handmade glass objects, like chopstick rests and rice bowls, that were small, beautiful, and purposeful,” he says. “In school, you’re taught to be an artist; they discourage functional things. But when someone actually uses the item you’ve made, that’s the biggest compliment.”…