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clapping time

WE STILL CLAP for essential workers each night. The tradition of honoring them may have faded a bit in New York City since we flattened the curve this past spring, but when the church bells across the street chime at 7 p.m., it’s our built-in cue to pause whatever we’re doing and put our hands together. It still feels right, too. I won’t soon forget all that those frontline workers faced, or what they did for us. We cheer on others now, too—the ones fighting fires on the West Coast, and helping people after hurricanes in the South. And quite honestly, who could stop my 6-year-old, who bounds up to the window when he hears those bells sound and says, “Clapping time!”; then follows it up with a hearty “Thank…

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out & about

ON THE ROAD CATCH A FLICK Premiering now: The Drive-In, Part 2. Outdoor theaters are having a renaissance, thanks to crisp digital projections and ample space to social-distance. This year, many are operating well into winter. Bring blankets to a double feature at Hound’s Drive-In, in Kings Mountain, North Carolina (shown), and sip cocoa to feel extra-cozy ( Here, three more spots to park. DEARBORN, MICH. The frequent snow flurries make a trip to the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In even more cinematic. Pull up to any of its five screens (spread over 27 acres) and settle in—there’s no bad seat in the house. STEPHENS CITY, VA. Herald the holidays a little early at the Family Drive-In Theatre. On themed nights, yuletide favorites light up its two displays, and Santa drops by for a meet-and-greet. OAK HARBOR, WASH. Flash…

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with gratitude

It’s funny how a spontaneous gesture can become a favorite tradition. Many years ago, I used to give everyone who worked for me at the farm a fresh turkey from a local farmer right before Thanksgiving. Then one year I decided to add a homemade pie, thinking it would be fun to see how long it would take to make about 20 of them. They were so well received and loved by everyone—and I so thoroughly enjoyed making them—that I did it again the next November, and the next, and soon it wasn’t Thanksgiving for me without this ritual. (The pies have long since replaced the turkeys!) Now it’s a labor of love I look forward to every fall. It isn’t actually difficult to make a pie, once you’ve mastered a…

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up, up, and away

EASY ACCENT GO NUTS At midnight on Halloween, your spooky décor turns back into a plain pumpkin (or gourd). Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo it into the next big thing for November: a giant autumnal acorn. 1 CUT A SLIT to the center of a paper plate. Overlap the sides to make a cap shape; glue sides together to secure. 2 GLUE ON A crepe-paper strip, starting at the wide base and pleating it as you go around. Add more layers until the plate is covered. 3 SNIP AN OAK LEAF out of a folded piece of crepe paper, so the stem end is at the fold. You’ll have two identical leaves, stems connected. 4 PUT THE PLATE atop your pumpkin, and glue the leaves around the stem. THE FIND Leaf Peepers Lining a cheese board with colorful fall foliage guarantees it’ll look…

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hail to the sheaf

FIELD FEELS To bathe friends in warm autumnal light, enlist hurricane lanterns. Dot a ribbon evenly with hot glue, and place the end of a dried stalk on each dot. Lay another ribbon on top, press lightly, and let dry. Wrap the ribbon around a small glass vessel with an LED candle inside, securing the ends with hot glue, and drop it into a bigger one to help the wheat stand up straight. Place it on a bar or buffet, or arrange a few down the middle of the table to cast dreamy prairie silhouettes around your dining room. A Graceful Grid Greet the season—and neighborhood—with a chic spin on a round wreath. 1. GATHER 12 bundles of six 9-inch stems, two bundles of four 12-inch stems, and one bundle of four 15-inch stems.…

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woman on a mission

Aurora James Creative director, Brother Vellies; founder, 15 Percent Pledge, Brooklyn After meeting a variety of gifted craftspeople on a trip to Africa in 2011, Aurora James launched her accessories line, Brother Vellies, determined to keep traditions like theirs alive. Her debut design, the Vellies desert boot, which is made in South Africa, put the brand on the map; now her stylish kicks—preppy-chic loafers, buttery handwoven huaraches, and feather-plumed sandals—are beloved by well-shod fans like Beyoncé, Meghan Markle, and Zendaya. James’s own wardrobe marries earthiness and glamour, and includes many a vintage find from Etsy. (A recent search: “Escada, suit jacket, pink.”) Her latest project is the 15 Percent Pledge, a nonprofit she launched in June after George Floyd’s murder. Because Black people make up nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population,…