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let it shine

AS I WRITE TO YOU, this year’s “sprinter” is in full effect outside—the trees are trying to spring into leafy action, yet the air still smacks of winter on every third day. But nothing gets me more excited for the warmer days ahead than this issue. In our annual food-and-entertaining volume, the talented food team, led by editorial direct or Sarah Carey, embraces all that’s in season and abundant come summer, in fun and flavorful new ways. In “Herb by Herb,” deputy editor Greg Lofts shares how to cook, create, and concoct a whole crop of things—from grilled-chicken tostadas to infused oils to icy drinks—when you have a fresh bunch on hand. (With his approach, you’ll never worry about having farmer’s-market leftovers again.) If you’re keen to fire up the…

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living in my life

1 Join us in our pledge to help clean up our oceans this month. Change Maker shares easy ways to do so wherever you live. Page 44. 2 I could easily sip this hydrating drink and enjoy the cucumber-forward recipes from Healthy Appetite all summer. Page 69. 3 Our son loves to race us, so his dad bolts ahead and feigns a comical injury before finishing. We all laugh; everyone wins. He’ll be extra-fast this Father’s Day. Page 64. 4 Speaking of feigning things, our beauty director turned me on to my new favorite bronzer—the Goldilocks of just-right shades. Page 54. 5 From “Herb by Herb,” this shrimp-and-basil stir-fry is sure to make it into our regular dinner rotation. Page 90. LIZ BANFIELD (PORTRAIT); GETTY IMAGES/WESTEND61 (SEASHELL); REN FULLER (DRINK); PETER ARDITO (SHOES); YASU +…

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out & about

| ON THE ROAD | REEL ONE IN Get your feet wet learning to cast at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Fly-fishers of all levels can trek through canyons and meadows along the crystal-clear Tarryall River (right) to catch wild brown and brook trout—and learn what exactly a nymph is. Wade into these similar outings, ties and rods included. HUNTER, NEW YORK Scribner’s, a newly revived mid-century Catskills lodge, offers adventures on Esopus Creek with angler-in-residence Todd Spire. HOT SPRINGS, VIRGINIA Pros lead hour- and daylong clinics on the iconic Omni Homestead resort’s private Cascades Stream, home to wild rainbow trout. DARBY, MONTANA Complimentary gear (and the occasional boat dog) accompany Triple Creek Ranch guests on float-fishing trips down the Bitterroot River. | SECRET SOURCE | Auntie Oti “This is my go-to place for colorful imported Indian textiles. These big cotton…

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take over the grill

Gazelle, California Families and female-only groups head to Meat Camp, at Belcampo cofounder Anya Fernald’s farm, to slice up the same delectable grass-fed beef sold at her Bay Area butcher shops, then sear it over an open fire. College Station, Texas Spots in Texas A&M’s Barbecue Summer Camp, put on by its meat-sciences division and Foodways Texas, are so popular, there’s a lottery. Win one and you’ll get schooled in the state’s signature meats and spices, then finish with a brisket-and-ribs feast. Chicago Aspiring pit masters experience the transformative powers of brines, marinades, and rubs in a weekend grilling boot camp at the Chopping Block, Chi-town’s largest recreational-cooking school.…

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just picked

ONE OF MY GREAT JOYS each June is watching my two young grandchildren, Jude and Truman, searching rows of bright-green plants in my garden to find sweet, red strawberries hiding among the leaves. Their squeals of delight—and the ensuing silence as they gobble up what they have found—are worth every bit of effort that goes into tending a sizable patch. But there are many other reasons to grow this seasonal delicacy at home. You can choose your favorite varieties, from tiny, flavor-packed alpines to large, juicy classic ones. You can extend the season by planting early, midseason, and late-bearing cultivars. And most important, you can cultivate them organically. Strawberries top the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of conventional produce containing the most pesticides. I grow them in raised rows about 20…

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good things

| RECIPE REMIX | Party on a Plate You volunteered to bring the fruit salad. Assemble one of these stunning—and unexpected—single-hued creations, and you’ll fulfill your duties with flying colors. Drizzle it with a savory, spicy, or sweet dressing to boost the spectrum of flavors, and come dessert time, you’ll be guaranteed double-takers, too. For the recipes, turn to page 119. | THE PALETTE | Gray Matters At least once a week, Living home editor Lorna Aragon fields the question: What’s the perfect shade of gray paint? It’s a tough one, given all the beauties out there with different undertones, but she counts these as her top five. | DIY DÉCOR | Duvet It Yourself It’s surprisingly easy—and cost-effective—to make a customized summer-weight comforter cover from two new (or old) flat sheets. Just partner up different shades, or…