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the mothership

FROM AN EARLY AGE, I’ve been lucky to find myself in the company of incredibly supportive women. My mother was, of course, the first. But her closest female friends have been the chorus of encouragement around our kitchen table and in my life, too. When I was about 4, my mom told me that I could do anything when I grew up if I set my heart and mind to it. Four decades later, she still tells me this. And whenever I broadcast self-doubt or a litany of “can’t”s, she has a simple reply: “You need to change that channel.” She, like her dear friends, believes that believing in yourself is essential to getting anything worthwhile done. It may also be one of the reasons I took to this magazine, and…

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out & about

| ON THE ROAD | FLOWERS ABOUND When Georgia O’Keeffe landed in Honolulu in 1939, on commission for the Hawaiian Pineapple Company, she found an intoxicating new muse. The lush island landscape inspired works now on view at the New York Botanical Garden, with the native frangipani and hibiscus that appear in them. Can’t get to NYC? Leaf through the stunning 30thanniversary edition of Georgia O’Keeffe: One Hundred Flowers (Callaway). Bronx, New York MORE BUDDING EVENTS AUSTIN, TEXAS: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Boots & Blooms, May 4 DENVER: Denver Botanic Gardens, Spring Plant Sale, May 11–12 CHICAGO: Chicago Botanic Garden, Get Growing Weekend, May 18–20 | SECRET SOURCE | Van Dyke’s Restorers “This site is a vast emporium for vintage-feeling and hard-to-find items you can use to renovate your home or give it a sense of history—from hand-carved crown…

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spring mixes

I AM, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, enamored of salads. I remember the very first really great one I ate. It was served as its own course, and dressed tableside by an aproned waiter in a small restaurant on the Left Bank in Paris. He took immense pleasure in mixing the vinaigrette in two large spoons over the bowl of just-washed, buttery-soft lettuce leaves. First, he dissolved coarse sea salt in fragrant wine vinegar in the bowl of one spoon, crushing the crystals with the other spoon. Next he added olive oil, stirring carefully between every few drops, and sprinkled in a few finely chopped tarragon leaves and freshly ground pepper. He then drizzled the finished dressing over the leaves, which he tossed delicately with the spoons; lifted, one by one,…

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good things

| MAKE & GIVE | SWEET CONCRETE This sidewalk staple turned decorators’ darling is strong and chic, just like someone you’ll be celebrating this month. To create a bud vase, ring holder, or pretty paperweight for Mom, mix smooth countertop cement with pigment (we’re partial to this muted rose), and then MacGyver molds from household items to set your love in stone. Turn the page for the how-to. Cement How-to Think of this user-friendly material as Play-Doh for grown-ups—except you’re supposed to leave it out overnight to dry. STEP 1 STIR IT UP Following the package directions, combine pigment powder, cement mix, and water in a large plastic container. Add more water, a spoonful at a time, stirring until cement mix dissolves and mixture has the consistency of Greek yogurt. STEP 2 GIVE IT SHAPE Pour cement into mold. For…

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good living

/ GREAT FINDS / Masterpieces in the Making At thrift stores and flea markets across the country (and all over the internet), affordable, high-quality furniture is waiting to be discovered—and recovered. Here’s how to transform pieces at home, and spot diamonds in the rough worth taking to a pro. THE DETAILS: Pottery Barn linen tapered drum shade, in White, from $49, Williams Sonoma Home Diamante sisal rug, in Antique Brass, from $795, LV Wood Patina flooring, in Walnut Storm Cloud, PROJECT NO. 1 Dull to Brilliant The gilded frame of this print was originally beat-up raw wood—the kind of thing you see in big stacks at tag sales. Making it shine with a coat of faux-leafing took us less than two hours and $20. (For extra sparkle, have a mirror cut to size…

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unlimited seating

Padded Seats LOOK FOR: Stools, benches, or chairs with a removable upholstered cushion. DIY OR GO PRO? This is a job for total rookies. Unscrew the seat from the base. Loosen the staples securing the fabric and foam with a screwdriver or staple remover; use them as templates for fresh ones. Position your new padding and fabric (Lorna suggests stain-resistant Sunbrella), turn over the seat, and staple down a fold of material; repeat on the opposite side. Continue stapling around the seat, alternating sides to keep the fabric snug and even. Reattach the seat with the original hardware. STAPLE GUN An upholsterer’s go-to tool isn’t a needle and thread—it’s this satisfyingly powerful version of the desktop fastener. Metals LOOK FOR: Minimal rust. “Anything that’s rusted through isn't worth it,” says Lorna. DIY OR GO PRO? Powder-coating is…