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27 May 2020

Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!

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‘adventure is about broader biking horizons’

I don’t see myself as an ‘adventure biker’. But I’ve never really conformed to biking labels and stereotypes any more than I’ve worshiped certain racers. The latter always causing an embarrassing blank face and shrug of the shoulders when enthusiastically asked who my biking heroes are. My own bikes span three decades and all have a sporting theme, but so long as my transport has two wheels and power to the back wheel (and isn’t pink or covered in stick-on fur), I’m a happy chap. In the last decade I’ve covered as many miles on adventure bikes (well over 60,000) as any other genre and I do adore their versatility. I’ve ridden up mountains on dirt tracks and across beaches in Norway, zigzagged through Wales off-road, explored Scotland, England and Ireland, traversed…

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new f4 coming, but not yet

Setting aside the last few months of lockdown, MV Agusta have been enjoying a period of relative stability. The company are going well under the ownership of Timur Sardarov – a finance expert with a love of hyper machines. With the brand celebrating 75 years, we spoke with him to discover what he’s got up his sleeve. But first – the elephant in the room. Like most businesses, MV Agusta were forced to suspend activities because of the pandemic but they were also one of the first to get going again, although Sardarov says it was their actions, rather than their small size, that saved the day. ‘For the first time in its history MV Agusta has its own plan’TIMUR SARDAROV, OWNER “There is no difference between being public and being private, between…

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‘we’ve been expecting you’

Triumph have unveiled the Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition – a limited run of their Scrambler 1200 XE, with a few added touches that make it a bike fit for a secret agent. The bike is inspired by the 25th Bond movie, No Time To Die, which is due for release later this year. The film features Bond and some baddies duelling on two wheels, and we all know bikes are more fun than Aston Martins, so Triumph have made this bike to let you have a bit of Bond in your garage. Underneath, the Bond edition is a standard Scrambler 1200 XE, which means it’s powered by the 1200cc water-cooled Bonneville twin, with a Scrambler tune. That means 87bhp and 81.1lb.ft torque – more than enough to both to be shaken…

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a squire behemoth lock and chain set worth £599

We’ve teamed up with security specialists Squire to offer one lucky biker the chance to win a Diamond Rated Squire Behemoth lock and chain set. Squire have released their toughest lock and chain yet, with the security conscious motorcyclist in mind. Featuring a 100mm wide padlock with a dual 6-pin tumbler cylinder for double security and a solid-hardened steel lock body, a 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle and the chain being a whopping 17.2kg and constructed with the highest quality alloy steel, this set is nearly impenetrable. It has also been backed by the Solid Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating. HOW TO ENTER Simply submit your details on the link and you’ll be entered into the free prize draw. Good luck! To enter: www.motorcyclenews. com/winbehemothlock…

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what should you do if you spot a scammer?

If you see a listing you believe to be fraudulent, the first thing you should do is report it to eBay and they’ll check it as quickly as they can. If you’re unlucky enough to be caught out, the best place to report this sort of crime to is Action Fraud, however success is far from guaranteed. Roughly half a million cases of online fraud are referred to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, but only around 40,000 ever have enough evidence to be picked up by police for investigation. Of those, around a quarter actually lead to someone being charged for a crime. However, that shouldn’t put you off reporting them. Action Fraud say: “Every report we receive matters, it provides information to build a better picture of the scale…

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fraudsters take advantage of coronavirus

Fraudsters have been using the cover of coronavirus to attempt to take people’s money when they are buying bikes online. The nature of their scam is nothing new, but travel restrictions and people’s concerns about meeting strangers have offered them the perfect way past defences. What happens This type of fraud takes place via most online selling methods but is prevalent on auction sites, including eBay where a decrease in genuine listings due to lockdown has made the volume of scam listings more noticeable. Often the advert includes good quality photographs and a reasonably detailed description because it is a carbon copy of a genuine advert that’s appeared in the past. But the ‘vendors’ usually fall down when questioned more closely. “I am a member of a motorcycle forum and recently a member highlighted…