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Salute e Fitness
Men's Fitness UK

Men's Fitness UK August 2017

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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1 minuti
last-minute muscle

The best summer bodies are built in winter. It’s true. Only by giving yourself enough time is it possible to build a big and lean physique. So if you’ve been following MF’s advice this year, well done: you’re all set for a summer looking and feeling in the shape of your life. If not, and you’re counting down how long until your beach break in days rather than months, I’ve got my own last-minute holiday deal for you. We’ve designed a torso-transforming workout (p62) that will make noticeable changes to your physique fast. Is it a comprehensive training plan? No. You’re short of time so it’s focused on adding size to those muscle groups – shoulders, chest and arms – that make the biggest difference to how good you look without…

1 minuti
instant fit tips

1 Upgrade every meal with superfoods Omega 3 fats in oily fish like salmon make you leaner and smarter as well as lowering your risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and dementia. That’s why salmon is near the top of our list of the most nutrient-packed superfoods. Find out more p71 2 Be smart with supps to shed fat faster Taking certain supplements at specific times before the gym has a big impact on performance. One study found the caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee an hour before the gym made hard training feel easier. Find out more p21 3 Channel your rage for a positive outcome Next time a colleague makes your blood boil don’t respond with an expletive-laden email, moan to a sympathetic friend instead. This gives you time to gather your…

1 minuti
train outside for a healthier heart

Doing your training sessions under the sun can improve the health of your heart by reducing your risk of heart attacks and strokes. That’s because of a “synergistic” link between exercise and good levels of vitamin D, according to the results of a 20-year study just published in the Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology And Metabolism. The benefits for the heart of both exercise and adequate vitamin D are well known, but the new research suggests that they have a joint role in preventing cardiovascular disease, specifically because exercise helps boost vitamin D stores. This is especially important in the UK because we don’t get enough strong sunlight in the autumn and winter for our bodies to make this vitamin, which has a direct role in not just heart health, but…

2 minuti
4 essential man minerals

1 MAGNESIUM FOR ENERGY Magnesium is an essential trace element, and every single cell in your body needs magnesium ions because they’re involved in energy production, while hundreds of enzymes require the presence of this mineral to work optimally. The UK recommended daily intake for magnesium is 300 milligrams for men, and nuts, green leafy vegetables and whole grains are the best dietary sources. 2 ZINC FOR HIGHER T Around 300 enzymes in the body need zinc so they can function, including those behind the production of hormones like testosterone. There’s no official UK RDA, but in the US it’s 11 milligrams for men – yet only 58% of Americans meet this target, according to the Department of Agriculture. Eat shellfish and red meat, especially beef, lamb and liver, to give your T…

1 minuti
punch off your paunch with hiit

We’ve all seen those seemingly aggressive guys in the gym who spring up from a set of bench presses to throw some jabs and hooks at an imaginary opponent. But if they’re doing so to lose fat, they may be on to something – if only they took a more structured approach to their swings. Doing 12 weeks of high-intensity boxing drills helped people reduce body-fat levels by 13.2% and waist measurement by 5.3% in a study published in the BMC Sports Science, Medicine And Rehabilitation journal. They also increased their VO2 max – the measure of cardio fitness – by 16%. If you want to avoid injury then you need to shake up the way you train. Almost one-third of injuries reported by US college athletes are “overuse” injuries caused…

1 minuti
zero in on faster fat loss

If you’re worried beer is stopping you winning the battle against your belly, switch to the zero-alcohol stuff rather than fizzy drinks or juice. Not only is it lower in calories than many soft drinks, but new research has also found you can still get a “beer buzz” from it. Brain scans at Indiana University showed the taste of beer triggered the release of dopamine - a neurotransmitter linked to reward-motivated behaviour - before any intoxication effects could occur. With around 20 calories per 100ml, compared with 40 in regular beer, you’ll also significantly cut down on your calorie intake, as well as waking up feeling fresh and ready to hit the gym. 41% Just four pints of 5% ABV lager contains 1,020 calories, which is 41% of your daily recommended…