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Men's Fitness UK March 2018

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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how does joe do it?

Overnight success, whether with your business or your body, simply doesn’t happen. And even if you’ve got a winning lottery ticket, having millions in the bank is worthless in the pursuit of a bigger, leaner and stronger body. For Joe Wicks – without doubt this country’s biggest figure in fitness – success has come quickly, with two million books sold in just two years. However, it also required years of groundwork during which he received little money and few followers or likes. But as Joe explains in this month’s cover feature (p44), what he learned during both periods is that to be successful in every important area of life – especially in building the body you’ve always wanted – you need to keep your efforts simple, sustainable and consistent. He attributes his…

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instant fit tips

1 Keep the yolk to start your day a better way Your morning meal can make your day and few breakfasts are better than eggs, especially if you don’t leave out the yolk. It’s full of healthy fats, as well as 10% of your RDI of vitamin D. Try these baked eggs for a morning boost. Find out more p70 2 Eat more fermented foods for a good gut Do you ever struggle with a dodgy gut? Your digestive system may be short of the good bacteria needed to process food. Fix it with fermented foods, which help those good microbes thrive to keep you running smoothly. Find out more p21 3 Take a cold shower to beat winter bugs Don’t want to miss any training time because of a winter bug? Try taking a regular cold…

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little and often

There’s nothing wrong with the odd all-out set to failure – but if you’re training for power and speed, lowering your reps is the best shortcut. That’s the message from a study published in the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research at the end of 2017, where athletes who did “cluster” sets of two to five reps over an eight-week programme saw bigger gains than another group who ground out five- to ten-rep sets. Both training groups did equal volume, with the cluster set group simply doubling their number of sets. While the groups made equal strength gains, the subjects doing shorter sets saw slightly better levels of growth hormone IGF-1, while reporting lower levels of exertion and improving peak jumping heights. The researchers concluded that by keeping the weights…

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be your berry best

1 GO BLUE FOR FAT LOSS Blue isn’t always a colour you associate with natural foods, but in fruit it’s a sign of high levels of anthocyanins, a form of nutrient that fights diabetes and cancer, improves cognitive power and helps heart health. Blueberries in particular are packed with cyanidin-3-glucoside, which is thought to aid muscles in taking up carbs from the blood – aiding fat loss and muscle growth. 2 SEE RED AS YOU DIET Raspberries might make it easier to lose body fat. The idea behind the ketogenic diet (aka “going keto”) is that metabolism in fat cells is increased by key phytonutrients, and rheosmin – also known as raspberry ketone – is the one most supplements are using. Hard evidence for the effect is scarce, but you’ll still benefit: organic…

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calm down to get more done

Life rocketing by at speed? Attention and acceptance are the keys to getting out of the rat race alive, says new science. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh put volunteers on two mindfulness programmes – one that just taught the standard stay-in-the-moment, focus-on-your-feelings basics, and another that emphasised acceptance and not resisting any feelings. The second group was better at handling anxiety during tests involving public speaking and tricky maths problems. The takeaway? Don’t just notice your road rage - think Zen, and let it roll away. 20 Time in minutes volunteers spent meditating each day for two weeks before learning to lower their blood pressure and cortisol levels…

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pulling power

1 Focus on quality “For sustained improvement it’s better to accumulate quality time on the rower,” says Nichol. “Angle the rower towards a mirror to check your form and take short, frequent breaks if you notice you’re hunching or leaning excessively.” Why it works “Unlike running and cycling, rowing is an unfamiliar movement. This often means your thoracic spine, hamstrings and hip flexors can suffer. Get off the rower for 30-40 seconds and have a quick foam roll or stretch.” 2 Get your rate right “If you can control your rate, it becomes a powerful tool to increase speed. Improve it with a simple step-rate workout: five rounds of one minute on, two minutes off. Start at 24 strokes per minute, then increase to 26, then 28, then 30, then maximum rate for the last…