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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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you are what you eat

When you want to lose fat, consistency is everything. Consistency isn’t sexy and doesn’t promise instant results, but both research and real-life experience show it’s the only thing that helps people control their calorie intake, and balance their health and their happiness, so that they start building the body they want. By balance I mean having the least amount of conflict between your body composition goals (your health and fitness) and the lifestyle you desire (your happiness). What never works is having two competing desires, like the guy who wants to have a six-pack but still drinks four pints every night, or follows a very strict diet plan that restricts both calories and nutrients but is full of big promises about how quickly you’ll change your body. On p56 we reveal why…

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instant fit tips

1 Beware the six-pack myth trap Stop those sit-ups right now and pay attention to our myth-busting, science-supported advice that will help you sculpt a rock-solid midsection. We’ll separate the belly fat facts from the fiction and give you tips you can use. Find out more p78 2 Shop smarter to avoid gaining weight You’ve probably learned the hard way not to do food shopping when hungry – returning with bags full of high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks. Set up an online order with all the healthy essentials, and keep using it every week. Find out more p19 3 Drink your way to a leaner body Research suggests we consume 400 calories a day through liquids alone, so one of the easiest ways to start fighting fat is to cut back on booze, milky coffees, sodas and juices, and…

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run through hard times

If your inclination when life gets stressful is to take a break from training, think again: it’s the perfect time to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. That’s the conclusion of new research published in the journal Health Psychology, which found that staying active during family crises, relationship problems and periods of work stress can help you survive the stressors and come out the other side in better mental and physical health. Among the volunteers who took part, those who exercised on the same day as unpleasant situations occurred were both less affected by them in the moment and less likely to suffer from the long-term effects of spiking blood pressure and stress hormones. Whatever goes wrong, keep on running. INSTANT TIP Schedule your training sessions in advance,…

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eat for heart health

1 GO FOR FREE RANGE FATS Egg yolks’ levels of healthy polyunsaturated fats are all down to where they come from: pasture-fed will have a higher proportion of heart-protecting omega 3 fats than the grain-fed, barn-raised variety. Cooking them in butter beats margarine – the saturated fat is a concern according to the NHS, but recent Norwegian research suggests that dairy-heavy diets with no processed fats won’t negatively affect your cholesterol. 2 COOK WITH GARLIC It’s chock-full of hydrogen sulphide, a compound that lowers blood pressure - and studies also show that it can reduce calcification in the arteries, as well as improving cholesterol levels. Don’t like the taste? Generally speaking, it’s stronger when it’s smashed up - so chop if you’re just in it for the health, micro-plane for more kick, and…

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breathe better with tomatoes

Started to notice that you’re getting out of breath more often as Father Time catches up? It’s a good idea to add a bit more T to your BLTs, according to 2017 research from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The team found that adults who ate more than two tomatoes a day had a slower decline in lung function than those who didn’t – and the effect was even stronger in ex-smokers, with some evidence that good nutrition can undo the damage from years of puffing. The bad news? The effect was only observed in fresh fruit, not processed foods like ketchup – so toss some tomatoes in your fry-up, blend them up as sauce or soup, or just eat them raw with a dash of salt. 35% Reduction in…

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everyman strongman

1 Walk it out “The farmer’s walk works every muscle you have, but especially your traps, core, arms and grip,” says Emil Hodzovic, strongman competitor and trainer. “It’s a fat burner if you keep the intensity high, or a strength workout if you go heavy.” In the gym “Just grab the heaviest dumbbells your gym has and walk them 10-20m at a time,” says Hodzovic. ”With custom bars, bodyweight in each hand is the aim, but you’ll need to go lighter with dumbbells.” 2 Push on through “Sled pushing will tax your legs and conditioning, whether you’re going heavy or just fast,” says Skorpions Gym founder James Adamson. “Four to five all-out pushes with 90 seconds’ rest in between will do it.” In the gym “If you haven’t got a metal sled or a prowler, just put…