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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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lift more, weigh less

to 48 hours. This chips away at body fat and, combined with having more muscle mass, radically transforms your body. Discover the best ways to lift for fat loss on p48. And resistance training – whether it’s bodyweight press-ups or heavy benching – provides even more benefits: new research (p11) shows lifting weights can reduce your risk of dying before your time by 20%. So get stronger and live longer. As a reader of Men’s Fitness you’ll know that the only way to add muscle mass quickly is to follow a well-structured and progressive resistance training plan in the gym, alongside a healthy and balanced eating strategy that provides all the essential nutrients your body needs without the excess calories that can result in fat gain. What you might not know is…

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instant fit tips

1 Refuel your body with one-pot wonders Eating for a leaner and healthier body is easy – so long as you’re a fantastic chef. If you’re more of a close-friendswith-the-Deliveroodriver type, help is at hand: all you need is a single pot to cook up a delicious and nutritious meal. Find out more p44 2 Get upwardly mobile to revitalise cardio Treadmills are fine but if you want to really fire up your legs and lungs, take to the stairs. It’s a high-intensity, quad-burning workout you can’t get anywhere else – and it’s just one of our half-dozen tips for making cardio fun again. Find out more p17 3 Banning “bad” foods is a bad move What’s the easiest way to make yourself crave a high-calorie food? Resolve never to eat it again. To lose fat and…

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health begins at home

There’s good news for the time-starved, cash-strapped or just plain anti-social: even if you can’t make it to the gym, you can still get the life-extending benefits of exercise, according to a major new study. After analysing data from 80,000 UK adults, researchers concluded that any sort of strength-promoting exercise – whether done at home or the gym, with barbells or bodyweight – reduced the risk of early death by 20%. And there’s a reason to emphasise strength: although aerobic activity works for all-causes mortality, cancer risk among strength trainers dropped by 31% more than both the inactive and aerobic-only groups. “The simplicity of bodyweight exercise makes them a very attractive option,” noted the researchers, “and they yield comparable benefits.” Plus, you can put Netflix on and still get them…

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embrace the grind

1 GO FOR THE TREBLE This new report will be welcomed by those with a caffeine habit: in a research review published in 2017, drinking three to five cups a day was associated with a 15% drop in the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also won’t increase hypertension, as previously thought – another study found that up to eight cups a day could actually reduce the risk by 2% per cup – though it’s still not advisable for people with existing blood pressure issues. 2 KEEP IT LIGHT Coffee provides two sorts of beneficial antioxidant-based effects. First, it contains polyphenols that have their own antioxidant effects, and secondly it contains caffeine, which boosts your own cells’ function. Roasting can destroy the first type, though – confirmed by a 2017 study – so if…

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eat finger food for faster fat loss

Time for a modern etiquette lesson: if you’re aiming to get lean and improve your health, it’s time to ditch the utensils and switch to finger food. A 2018 Japanese study found that people who eat slowly are 42% less likely to be obese than fast eaters – and research from previous studies suggests that ditching forks in favour of fingers plays a key role in slowing down. Handling food with your fingers is also thought to help the release of stomach enzymes, preparing your body for digestion. And if you pick fibrous foods like mange tout, you’ll unconsciously slow your eating even further. Just don’t apply the same approach to Doritos. 21 The time in minutes it takes for satiety hormones to fully kick in, letting you know that you’ve…

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speed up cardio

1 Step up to stair runs Office block, train station or town centre – it doesn’t really matter. “Warm up with some walking lunges and bounds to get the quads and glutes firing,” says trainer Mark Briant. “Then complete ten lots of stair runs, sprinting up and walking down to recover. For added intensity try and take two steps at a time.” Why it works Even the sternest hill won’t match the incline on a set of stairs: you’ll accelerate your heart rate in seconds, improving VO2 max. 2 Go complex at the bar “To combine strength with cardio, do barbell complexes,” says Briant. “Try one power clean, two front squats and three push presses – all without resting or putting the bar down. Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat four times. Start light and…