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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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build your best body

It’s a common saying in gyms everywhere: summer bodies are built in winter. If you, like many others, spent most of the first quarter of this year simply trying to stay warm instead of laying the foundations for a bigger, stronger and leaner body, you might be worried that you’ve missed your window for getting into the shape of your life for this summer. Luckily for you, there’s still plenty of time for you to transform your physique and build your best ever body. That’s thanks to our new no-nonsense muscle-building and fat-torching training plan, comprising 16 workouts over 28 days. We’ve detailed all you need to know about how to train and eat to make massive changes to how you look and feel with your shirt off, so turn to…

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instant fit tips

1 Boost brain power with… booze? A headache is par for the course after too many beers, but believe it or not booze can actually improve your brain health by enhancing the process responsible for clearing toxins. There’s a catch, though… Find out more p65 2 Get a workout in the bedroom A satisfying gym session can make you feel good, but for a slightly more fun way to boost your mood – and for up to 24 hours no less – a session between the sheets can’t be beaten. And there are more benefits. Besides the obvious. Find out more p15 3 Set the record straight to add size The only way to build a better body is to follow a progressive training plan. So without recording your workouts, you’re going to be clueless when wanting…

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handstand for your headspace

Could it be the blood rushing to your head? Actually, it’s unclear how the process works, but practising handstands has more benefits than simply upping your party-trick game, according to recent research. Volunteers who included a “balance” component in an exercise programme – as opposed to just training normally – saw improvements in spatial cognition and memory, suggesting a link between neuroplasticity and proprioception (your body’s sense of where its parts are in relation to each other). Meanwhile, aerobic exercise has proven benefits relating to cognitive power. So for the full effect, mix your handstand sessions with some higher-intensity exercise, like ten sets of pull-ups, press-ups and squats: start with two, five and ten respectively, and work your way up.…

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rethink your desk

1 KEEP THE GREENERY If you can keep it alive, of course. Research suggests that keeping a plant at your desk can boost well-being at work, while being around the colour green can improve creativity. If you’re looking for something low-maintenance that will grow with minimal light, think peace lily or philodendron – they’ll also offer you more of a screen from snack-hoovering colleagues. 2 LOSE YOUR ‘STUFF’ PILE Unless there’s a pressing need for you to have it to hand, file it – it’ll only distract you, and research published by the American Psychological Association suggests that “task switching”, or rapidly shuffling from one job to another, can make you up to 40% less efficient. If you’ve got several projects on, break up your time into 30- to 60-minute chunks so you…

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find meaning in the bedroom

Still pondering the great unknowables of life – why we’re here, what our purpose is, what happens when we die? You might be better off just doing the old no-pants-dance, according to research from George Mason University. Volunteers reported that having sex led to increased well-being on all counts for more than 24 hours, including mood and whether they found that day to be “meaningful”. Since a greater sense of meaning was also linked to a longer lifespan in a 2014 study, it’s worth pursuing – but if it’s not quite happening in the bedroom, finding a different purpose (supporting a charity, for instance) might provide similar benefits. 26 How many minutes both men and women prefer to spend on the deed, according to a 2018 survey of almost 4,000 people.…

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time to quit the road

1 On the flat… Aim to spring Don’t rule out flat surfaces: a 2013 study found that athletes who did intervals on level ground made larger VO2 max improvements than those who ran entirely on hills. Off-road when you can – it’ll reduce the impact you take from each step. Need to know “Keep your cadence high,” says Saucony UK athlete and British world championship representative Ieuan Thomas. “Make your ground contact time minimal and try to spring off the ground.” 2 On trails… Be mindful Uneven terrain requires you to be more aware with each step, and that’s a good thing. Running on these surfaces can make you stronger by improving the stabilising muscles you use for balance. It’s almost a form of mindfulness. Need to know ‘If you’re off-road, be wary of loose and unstable…