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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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now it’s your turn

I’ve just witnessed something extraordinary. Eight weeks ago Jon Lipsey, the editor-in-chief of this very magazine, was fat. Not that I ever said that to his face – he’s my boss after all. But according to most medical metrics he was clinically overweight with most of his excess fat stored around his belly, a problem linked to many long-term health issues. Now, just two months later he’s a Men’s Fitness cover model. He has lost 10kg of fat while gaining muscle, and he’s leaner, stronger and fitter than at any previous time in his life. Yet for him to achieve all this didn’t take anything extraordinary. Far from it. So how did he do it? He followed a smart and progressive training plan to the letter. He cut back on the…

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instant fit tips

1 Roll out your legs to move faster Spending a bit of time foam rolling your tight muscles can reduce your aches and pains in the days after a tough session. More than that, new research suggest doing so will improve your agility on the sports field or court. Find out more p19 2 Kill cravings with deeper breathing Mindfulness is great for reducing stress, lowering anger levels and improving sleep, and it can also help you overcome cravings for sugar to keep your belly at bay. When they hit, simply take a few breaths until the craving passes. Find out more p12 3 Choose the right cheese to get lean Is your favourite soft cheese treat a brick of brie or a baked camembert? Sub in cottage cheese or quark for a low-calorie alternative that’s packed…

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prop up the bar

In a perfect world, we’d all be athletes – able to back squat and overhead press with zero pain and perfect form, maximising muscle with flawless body mechanics. It’s not always possible. “If you’re inflexible from your nine to five, back squatting with the correct angle and keeping your shoulders in position while you press can be tough,” says trainer James Adamson. “Do them wrong and you can increase the strain on your rotator cuffs or the shearing force on your vertebrae.” Enter the landmine. By approaching the bar from a different angle, you’ll reduce the stress while still being able to load up for hypertrophy. Prop the bar in the corner, and get on it.…

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join the resistance

1 BREATHE AND STOP Mindfulness isn’t just for staying calm on the commute – there’s evidence that it can prevent food cravings by occupying short-term memory, according to a study from London’s City University. Researchers found that everyone from Buddhists to gym-bros can benefit from a focus on breathing as a distraction – the Calm app is free to try, and a better bet than the biscuit barrel. 2 SLEEP OFF BAD HABITS Staying up late? Apart from the extra time it gives you to eat more – oh, those late-night raids on the cereal cupboard – research published this year in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found that increasing sleep to the recommended minimum of seven hours a night saw test subjects eat 10g of sugar less every day, alongside lower…

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feel the pinch

Do you reach for the salt shaker before your food’s even on the table? Try cooking with more capsaicin if you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, Chinese research suggests. A recent study found that the compound found in chillies enhanced the perception of food being salty, leading to less need for extra and better blood pressure numbers in volunteers who found their food spicy. It’s thought that the spicy/salty sensory areas of the brain overlap – but since capsaicin also boosts fat loss, it’s time for a change of seasoning. 25% If you’re struggling to recruit your glutes during bridges $ you are doing them, right? – it’s time to get with the band. In a recent study, subjects who did short isometric holds in the…

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kick fat to the kerb

Aiming for championship-calibre fat loss? Add some kicks to your workout, Harvard Medical School suggests. In a series of studies, kickboxing was shown to burn roughly 10% more calories than straight-up boxing. Rico Verhoeven, Glory kickboxing champion, recommends dedicated power sessions. “I do padwork and running, but also explosiveness and power sessions,” he explains. “The way I look at it is if I lose on stamina or conditioning, I’ve beaten myself. I’ll never allow that to happen.” Set a timer,and throw five hard shots at the top of every minute, then use footwork and feints for the rest of the time. Repeat for three minutes, rest for one, and aim for a three-round barn burner. 7% The improvement in upper-body power seen in men who did kickboxing for six weeks. They…