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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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look good, feel great

If, like me, you’re more familiar with Love Island than you’d care to let on, you’ll already be aware of this month’s cover star Kem Cetinay. If not, well, he won last summer’s series of the fun-in-the-sun TV sensation, and emerged from the show’s Spanish villa as one of the select celebs now known just by a first name. But unlike many reality TV stars in the social media age, Kem has used his newfound fame as a force for good. Instead of using his huge Instagram account (two million followers and counting) to promote appetite-suppressing lollipops or some other highly dubious shortcut to an A-list body, the 23-year-old has spoken out about the mental health issues that dominated his teenage years, with anxiety levels so high he couldn’t leave his…

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instant fit tips

1 Get intense to become fit and lean Weights are great for adding serious size but you need to get clever with cardio for a really cut physique. That means short, sharp bursts of all-out effort to strip fat and improve heart and lung health. The Nordic SkiErg is perfect for this. Find out more p17 2 Add a cherry on top of your recovery To get back to your best after a tough session eat more cherries. They may not be a typical post-workout snack, but compounds in the fruit reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, and can even help you get higher-quality sleep. Find out more p71 3 Stay focused when stretching to get lean Stretching is vital to safeguard your muscles from injury, but new research shows really thinking about your holds can help you…

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don’t let the med ball gather dust

Throwing things is what separates us from the animals. Even our chimp brethren, with their pound-for-pound strength advantage, can’t come close to humans when push comes to fling. That power comes at a cost – our more flexible shoulder joints are somewhat injury-prone – but throwing might also be the thing that fixes it: in a study of handball players, published in the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research, adding six weeks of medicine ball throws alongside regular training enhanced isokinetic strength around the rotator cuff, as well as improved throwing velocity. Precision, sadly, wasn’t affected, so you’ll still need to rely on your (relatively) enormous human brain – plus copious practice – to stay on target.…

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supps v food

1 EAT MEAT, DRINK WHEY A 2017 study confirmed that taking BCAAs stimulated muscle protein synthesis after a workout – but there’s a caveat: it seemed to cause less of an increase than protein sources containing a complete range of amino acids in comparison with earlier studies. The message? Eat meat and drink whey when you can – both contain a complete range – and save the BCAAs for mid-workout, if you use them at all. 2 USE ‘GREEN’ PILLS RARELY If making kale juice and carrot smoothies is too much effort, “green” pills are an increasingly popular option for those trying to increase their veg intake in a few gulps. The downside is it’s tough to know what part of the plant you’re getting. For instance, while broccoli’s cancer-fighting compounds are mostly…

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should you take a coffee break?

Maybe it’s time to trim down your five-cups-a-day habit: evidence is mounting that cutting back on coffee when its stimulating properties aren’t as important to you will actually increase its performance-enhancing effects when you take it because you really need it. University of Dublin researchers found that athletes with low habitual caffeine consumption maintained performance over repeated sprints after chewing caffeinated gum, while those with a high regular intake dropped off fast. Switch one daily cup for a green tea instead.…

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is there sugar in your supps?

In the pursuit of the physique and performance gains that move you closer to fulfilling your potential, you know the importance of high-quality training sessions. But do you realise just how significant high-quality sports nutrition products are for fuelling your sessions and helping you recover from them faster? And did you also know that many cheaper products are packed with various forms of sugar or artificial sweeteners that can prevent you from achieving your better-body potential? SWEET NOTHINGS Many brands make their products palatable using high-calorie sugar, which can cause a big blood sugar spike and then the inevitable crash, or artificial sweeteners and flavourings. Unlike them, leading sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy has been replacing sugar and synthetic substitutes with a natural, zero-calorie alternative: stevia. Bio-Synergy’s Whey Better protein powder product, for instance,…