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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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get back in control

The pursuit of a fitter and healthier body is a goal no different to any other personal or professional challenge. But what starts out as a seemingly simple body-focused mission can quickly be derailed by your brain. Instead of being your greatest supporter, it can be the barrier that stops you in your tracks. When you worry or obsess about the things over which you have no control, such as whether the gym will be too busy to do the session you want or how quickly you’ll see results, you’re blocking your path to progress. Instead, it’s vital to start thinking only of those elements you can control. For instance, you can find the time to train if you spend ten minutes on a Sunday putting your sessions into your diary like…

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instant fit tips

1 Build muscle with suspension training Lifting weights is the backbone of any muscle-building plan. But if your results have stalled, throw in suspension training moves, such as TRX press-ups. New research has found they boost testosterone levels by almost a fifth. Find out more p19 2 Get smart with your six-pack workouts Want hard, lean and defined abs? Then crunches won’t cut it. To sculpt a stomach to be proud of you need to upgrade your abs exercises to those that work them through the ranges of motion that guarantee gains. Find out more p34 3 Eat mushrooms for a healthier gut There’s much more to mushrooms than being a low-calorie addition to pad out meals. Around 85g a day can improve gut health by allowing good bacteria to thrive, with one of the key benefits…

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fitness-friendly oil

Unless you live on top of a mountain with solar power your sole energy source, it’s impossible to avoid breathing polluted air – and the bigger the urban area you live in, the worse the effects on your cardiovascular system are. However, new research published by the American Thoracic Society suggests you can mitigate some of the damaging effects of inhaling fumes and other pollutants by following an olive oil-rich diet. Over the 17-year study, which analysed the health of more than 500,000 Americans, researchers found that subjects who ate a Mediterranean-style diet high in olive oil, fish, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables were less likely to die from heart attacks, strokes and other leading causes of deaths. Why? Eating more of these high-antioxidant foods reduced the impact of cell-damaging toxins…

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deadlift your way to stronger hamstrings

It’s a problem in gyms everywhere: people training their “mirror muscles” on the front of the body - think chest, abs and quads - at the expense of those on the rear of the body, especially the lower back and hamstrings. Doing so will result in an unbalanced physique,and significant strength discrepancies between synergistic muscle groups that leads to injury. But you can remedy this with a single exercise, according to new research published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. Barbell deadlifts work the entire posterior chain of muscles from your neck to your hamstrings, and activate more muscle fibres than doing similar moves such as hex-bar deadlifts or glute raises. Researchers found hamstring activation was 28% greater in the barbell deadlift over the hex-bar variation, and 20%…

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the low-fat vs low-carb conundrum – solved!

When you want to lose fat fast it can be tempting to think you must cut down on dietary fat to shift that spare tyre. But then again, surely cutting out carbs is a better way to blitz that belly? The truth is that following a low-fat nutrition plan has a similar impact on reducing your waist size as a low-carb diet, according to the Journal Of The American Medical Association. More than 600 overweight subjects followed one of the two approaches for 12 months: at the end the low-carb group had lost 6kg while the low-fat group lost 5.3kg. In short, the best way to lose weight is to follow a sustainable diet of lean protein, vegetables and natural fats, with your carb intake based on your activity levels.…

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get a natural lift – without the crash

When you need an instant boost it can be tempting to reach for a high-calorie snack or drink that gives you a sugar rush – fast. And sure, that may give you a short-term energy boost, but before long your blood sugar levels will crash. The result? You’re left feeling more tired and more miserable than before. So the next time you feel your energy levels begin to slide, remember there’s a better option. That’s a can of Tenzing, the plant-powered drink, which is designed to give you a natural energy lift and reduce fatigue without tons of sugar. Purely from plants While ready-to-drink products or pre-workout powders may be convenient, if you look closely at the ingredients you’ll find many of them contain things your body doesn’t really want: synthetic caffeine, artificial…