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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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start summer in the shape of your life

Some good news. Summer is coming. Honestly. Even better, you haven’t left it too late to enjoy the sun looking and feeling at your best – even if you’re reading this in the airport. Yes, you read that right, but you need to take this magazine to the checkout pronto: your flight is departing from gate 2D in 15 minutes. Inside this Summer Body special issue of MF we reveal the best ways to burn fat before hitting the beach. The closer your departure date, the higher the priority you must make your mission, but if you want the fastest and most effective ways to train and eat for a leaner and more defined body you’re in the right place (p44). We also dive into the deluge of fitness data we all…

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be inclined for a bigger chest

In pursuit of a bigger and broader chest, the bench press is most gym-goers’ first port of call. The lift is one of the best for building pec power, as well as adding size to your triceps and front shoulders –but if you only ever press from a flat bench, that’ll limit your gains. To maximise your muscle you need to do more pressing on an incline bench, set at either 30° or 45°, according to research published in the European Journal Of Sport Science. This found that doing incline bench presses alongside heavy flat benching was the most effective way to activate more muscle fibres across all parts of the pectorals. We’d add that you should also include dumbbell bench pressing, both on a flat and angled bench, in…

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big lift form fix

OVERHEAD PRESS FAIL Dropping the bar too low FIX Go just below chin height Moving a muscle through a full range of motion only matters when it doesn’t negatively affect joint health. Lowering the bar below your chin places excess strain on your shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. BENT-OVER ROW FAIL Turning it into an upright row FIX Keep your torso still It’s tempting, especially when the weight gets heavy, to turn a row into a kind of shrug by raising your torso. Work your back harder by lifting lighter, pushing your bum back, and keeping your torso parallel to the floor. CHIN-UP FAIL Performing half-reps FIX Lock out at the base of the move Numbers aren’t everything, especially if you’re counting half-reps. Full-range reps work the muscles far more thoroughly, so for chin-ups and all bodyweight moves, focus on quality…

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curb cravings with no effort

Your brain is a clever old thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overrule it to keep your daily calorie count down and lose fat faster. Simply telling yourself you’ll have that donut “not now, but later” can be enough to quell your craving. That’s because you’re not denying yourself entirely, just delaying the treat for a while, according to the Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology. The chances are you may not fancy the sweet treat later on, but if you do, try the same mind trick again for as long as it works. This strategy will keep you leaner and help you build greater willpower so all future cravings are easier to combat.…

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make every rep count

1 Use a full range of motion Moving your muscles through their full range of motion – from fully stretched to fully contracted – will engage the maximum number of muscle fibres, and the more you can recruit the quicker you’ll gain size and strength. And never swing a weight up using momentum: cheat reps will hinder, not help, your progress. 2 Keep your mind on your muscles Thinking about how your muscles feel when they’re working hard to move and manage the weight will build more efficient neural pathways between your brain and muscles. And boosting the speed of this communication will increase the number of fibres recruited, helping your muscles grow faster and become stronger. 3 Take your time with tempo Tempo, the time you take to lift and lower the weight for…

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smile wider for life

If you want to keep your smile wide for years to come, you need to up your intake of calcium. That’s the verdict from research published in the journal Nutrition, which found men who are deficient in this essential mineral suffer from greater rates of tooth loss than those who get enough. In the UK the recommended daily intake for calcium is 700mg, which is the amount found in a pint of semi-skimmed milk. Other good dairy sources include yogurt (225mg in 150g) and cheddar (220mg in 30g), and you can also get it from broccoli and leafy greens. Puma Jaab XT trainer A boxing-inspired training shoe that’s not only featherlight but designed for quick, multi-directional movements, whether you’re running around, or out of, the ring. £65, Aspinal Navigator sunglasses Shades will always be…