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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor's letter

POWER OF SPORT Sport has the ability to unite, inspire and, at least for a moment, cause all else to fade into the background. Prior to the World Cup in July, I had next to no interest in cricket, but fast-forward a thrilling couple of months featuring that ‘Super Over’ and Ben Stokes’ Ashes heroics, I’m now not only a fan but – based on some vehement armchair criticism when England were bowled all out for 67 in the third Test – a self-declared expert on all forms of the game. Cast your mind back further and you’ll remember the Women’s World Cup, Tiger Woods’ comeback victory at the Masters, the all-English Champions League Final and no doubt another hugely significant event I’ve completely forgotten about. But there is also another side…

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hard luck

Aerobic exercise protects your heart, boosts your sense of wellbeing and, according to a new research, can improve your chances of getting it up. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, recruited participants from running, swimming and cycling clubs: amateur athletes who exercise more than the average Joe. Among the results, it was found men who ran a seven-minute mile pace for four and a half hours per week –›quick runners who train a lot –›enjoyed 23 per cent reduced odds of erectile dysfunction. Lead author Dr. Benjamin Breyer did admit the study was only exploratory, as it was conducted online and relied on self-reported levels of exercise and sexual dysfunction, but as no man has ever made exaggerated claims about his sex life, we're willing to assume…

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transgender athletics

Scientists have criticised the International Olympic Committee’s criteria that allows transgender athletes to compete as females. The controversy comes after 41-year-old Laurel Hubbard took gold in women’s weightlifting at the Pacific Games. Athletes must have blood levels with no more than ten nanomoles of testosterone per litre for at least 12 months prior to their first competition if they want to compete as women. Yet researchers at the University of Otago argue that this level is significantly higher than is found in most women, and that male-born athletes benefit from higher bone and muscle density before they make the transition. Porn Pitfalls A new survey commissioned by the Sunday Times has found that 58 per cent of UK adults watch porn, with nearly a third of men (31 per cent) saying they…

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Q: IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRAIN LEGS IF YOU RUN REGULARLY? A: “There are three factors to consider here,” says FIIT trainer Lawrence Price ( "Training frequency will be dictated by the intensity of sessions and running performance goals. You can absolutely train legs and run on successive days, for example, but resistance training intensity will influence running performance. In other words, don't expect to knock out a running PB the day after training legs! For a high-performance run you should avoid training legs at intensity for at least three days before the run. If, however, you have general fitness goals, you can have a mid-intensity leg session and a mid-intensity run on successive days. The key is to be aware of your performance goals when planning training intensity, as this…

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moves for the mind

Exercise scientists have examined what activities create the best results for your state of mind:1 Swimming, running and mountain biking create the biggest improvements in mood and/or stress levels. Calming environments help increase the stress-busting impact of exercise. ‘Green exercise’ that takes place outdoors is often considered more calming. The length of an exercise session is no barrier to its positive mental health effect. Time-poor men can still benefit from the mental boost of a quick workout. Exercise intensity doesn't necessarily alter the associated mental health benefit. If you’ve only got the physical or mental energy for a swift walk, it’s far better than nothing at all. GAME-DAY GAINS Researchers from Leeds University have found that armchair footie fans can raise their heart rate as much as 64 per cent during an intense match. Sedentary fans experience…

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one or the other

Scientists have been examining the fast and slow-twitch muscles used respectively for explosive and endurance activities. A chemical released during strength training has now been found by a team in Switzerland to actively convert muscles away from their endurance capacity to better perform short, intense movements. Previously it was not understood that one type of training would be detrimental to another. The researchers say their findings have implications on how older athletes can adapt their training to maintain muscle mass. FUTURE OF FITNESS? Soft ‘exosuits’ powered by external motors are being strapped onto treadmill users, and have been shown to reduce the energy consumption associated with movement. The exoskeleton suits consist of a fetching spandex baselayer, belts, straps and cables. The motor assists movement by applying force through the cables, which in…